Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: How to complete King of Shitsby World Event

Who needs a throne made of human excrement?

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There are World Events in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that pinpoint the feeling of being a peasant in the Dark Ages. Then again, others like this one, which is completely bonkers, but also very fitting for the time. In this guide, we’ll show you where you can become the King of Shitsby and how. 

Where is the King of Shitsby World Event?

You can find this World Event in Lincolnscire. It’s a water-logged abandoned church west of the Spalding Bandit Lair. The top of the church is actually a fast travel point. Our advice is to synchronize first in case you die.

Step 1 – Enter the church

There’s no other way to describe this church than spooky. The roof is missing. There are black banners with animal skulls everywhere. It also seems like one hundred bats have made it their mission in life to fly in circles over it the hole so that when players peer through it, it looks like Batman is about to drop down on their heads.

Enter the creepy building and head straight for the throne at the end. It’s brown and sticky. You’ll soon discover that’s not just because it’s made of sticks, though.

There’s a letter to the right of the throne as you look at it. Read this for some exposition on the location.

Step 2 – Sit on the throne

Now it’s time to take your place on the throne. As soon as you do, though, a great big voice is going to start berating you for doing so. Eivor and the voice can have a semi-pleasant conversation, though Eivor calling the place ‘Shitsby’ doesn’t seem to go down too well. Regardless of your choices, it all ends in battle.

Step 3 – Defend yourself

The voice summons warriors to come and kill the defiler of its throne. They run out of the room on the left-hand side of the church if you’re looking from the throne to the entrance.

These warriors are pretty tough. Their armor seems to block most physical attacks, and they’ve got poison darts and bombs, and smoke to make your life a lot more difficult.

If you try to take all of them on in the cramped interior of the church, then you’ll probably be killed rather quickly. Instead, head outside by running and dodging through the warriors. Out here, you have much more room to maneuver around their attacks.

We found that the best way to take these enemies down was by hitting their glowing weak points with an arrow before hitting them with a stun attack. This puts them down in roughly two hits.

Step 4 – Find the loot

The World Event ends once you’ve killed all of the enemies, which is a bit anticlimactic. However, there is some treasure to be found. Head to the entrance to the church and climb up the ladder. Up here, there is some treasure to be looted. If you move the object blocking the door, you’ll even find a chest for your efforts.

There’s also a creepy Doll item made of real human hair to pick up. Lovely.