Assassin’s Creed Valhalla weapon upgrades and enhancements, explained

All you need to know about upgrades and enhancements.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has an expansive open-world, and as you explore through England in the Dark Ages, you will find a lot of gear scattered in the world. Exploring new areas will reward with better gear, which inflicts more damage on enemies and help you gain the upper hand over them.

The weapons can either be upgraded or enhanced. Upgrades increase the stats of the weapons, making them more effective in combat. You can upgrade weapons by going to the Menu and then selecting Inventory. If you have enough materials, the upgrade icon will pop up beside a weapon that has an upgrade available. Just hold the upgrade button, and the weapon will be upgraded.

Weapons require Leather and Iron ore to be upgraded, which can be found in Chests or scattered across the world. A weapon can be upgraded only a set number of times, and after that, you need to use enhancements. Enhancements unlock new tiers of upgrades for weapons and also unlock new rune slots. Rune slots can be used to add stat buffs to the character.

To enhance your weapon, you need to get ingots. Ingots can be found in the game’s vast open world, and they are marked by the Wealth icon on the map. Once you have Ingots, you need to go to your Settlement and speak with Gunnar in his forge. Choose the weapon you want to get enhanced, and if you have sufficient materials, it will unlock the next tier of upgrades or rune slots for the weapon.