Astral Chain: How to Find the Toilet Locations


Astral Chain is a pretty superb action game from Platinum Games. It’s also filled with secrets, one of which is a hidden toilet on each level, or File. If you find all the items related to the toilets, you can unlock the ARI Medical Gear outfit. In this guide, we will tell you where to find them all. Keep in mind, sometimes you find the relevant item, not the actual toilet itself, although this is rare.

Astral Chain Toilet Locations

File 1

The toilet in File 1 can be found just after you run into the two medics. After the brief interaction continue down the street where you will find a white and black truck forming a V-shape near the road barrier. The toilet is just on the other side of the barrier.

File 2

As you try to track down the Chimera, you will come to an underground parking garage near Grand Avenue. When you go into the parking lot, take a left turn. You will see a shutter door with some graffiti on it, duck underneath this to find the toilet.

File 3

You will need to head for the center of the map and finish the Maison Forrest Search mission, right after you arrive back from the Astral Plane and protect the citizens, you find there. Head down the corridor that leads off the small square, and move under the door beside the ambulance. The toilet will be in a room on the right.

File 4

As you play through the level, you will come to a double set of Exit doors with a corridor filled with the weird Chimera goo between them. About halfway down the corridor, between the doors, turn to the right to find the toilet.

File 5

As you play through the Harmony Street Station location, you will come to a platform with three energy beams leading from the ground to the ceiling, and a strange construct that you need to break with your Sword Legion. If you stand facing away from the large sign with the train details on it, run down the platform to your right to find the toilet.

File 6

In file six, as you crawl through the vent shaft, you will come to a grate that allows you to listen to a conversation below you. Turn around, and walk back to the area you dropped into to find another grate. Walk into it a few times, and it will fall over, allowing you to grab an item. The toilet is technically below, and you can see it through another grate, but you cannot get down to it. Thankfully the item in the vent is the item you would have gotten from the toilet.

File 7

In File 7, play until you reach the upper left corner of the map, and can see the Homunculus on the side of the building from the roof. Run down to the left, and you will see a ladder. Use the Arrow Legion to make the ladder drop down, climb up and Chain Jump to the roof behind you to find the toilet.

File 8

At the Rayleigh Plaza Roof, as you cross between the two sections on a narrow bridge, you can jump to a small gap to your left with your Chain Jump. Chain Jump again to the floating platform that you can see from here. Use Arm Legion to drag the platform around and to the left, then Chain Jump to the next platform around the corner to find the toilet.

File 9

In Harmony Square find the road that runs between the building marked Harmony Medical Center, and the building marked ToMO815. Run to the end, past the construction area, to find the toilet.

File 10

You can find the toilet at the very end of the huge drain that runs down the center of the southern area of the Ark Sewer Management map.

File 11

In ARI Redshift Labs, run to the left of the main entrance and down the steps. The toilet is right there halfway around the curve.

File 12

Go into the toilets at the Police Station, and go to the second last toilet on the right-hand side as you enter. Interact with it to find the item you need.