Aten Rising – AC Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs Walkthrough

In Aten Rising Walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed Origins The Curse of the Pharaohs you will have to Locate High Priestess Isidora. Rewards is – 8000 XP.

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In the last main quest The Lady of Grace, Bayek fought with Nefertiti and now to move in the story further he heads to his next target. In the main quest Aten Rising, a level 47 quest where Bayek is on a mission to locate High Priestess Isidora. The quest will reward you 8000XP.

Aten Rising Walkthrough

Aten Rising Walkthrough

After finishing the last one you can mark this quest through the menu and begin it. In this part, the first thing you have to do is talk to the High Priestess. There will be a small cutscene when you meet her.

Reach the Theban Farmlands:

Aten Rising Walkthrough

Once you are done speaking, you will have to head to the farmlands. Exit the temple and head to towards the market. Once you reach the place you will have to investigate the farm. Scan the place and you will see a few markers ahead. Straight at the front side, there is a small hut with huge pots. Go there and you will find a boy talk to him and after investigating it look on your left and you will see two. One over a crazy priest and one near the pots. One is on the top of the house in the center of farmland and the last one is behind the house, talk to the farmer.

Find and rescue Djehuty:

Aten Rising WalkthroughAten Rising Walkthrough

After an investigation, you will have to find and rescue Djehuty the village priest. Locate the target using the eagle vision. You are in the area of bandit camp. Mark the targets properly so that you can plan your way. Go from the left end side, behind the cliffs, you will face lesser enemy there. You can hide in the grass in the camp and lure a few bandits around to kill them. Level 48 captain is a tougher one to deal and if you raise alert they will all attack at once. So playing stealth mode is good if you are low the level cap. Try clearing the ones who are guarding the entrance without raising the alert, so that you can rescue the priest. You can kill the captain in stealth mode in one blow. If you manage to do that then killing others is easy. Clear the bandits and free the priest. Next, you will have to escort him out of the camp. A few more will attack you on the path save him and then talk to the priest.

Reach the Cursed Farm:

After talking to the priest’s head to the cursed farm and burn the carcasses. There will be around three of them. There is also a Level 49 enemy in the area, you can avoid it if your level cap is lower. After burning the carcasses meet the priest at night and follow him, he will ask you to join their ceremony.

Collect the Silica from the Offering Table:

As the ceremony begins, the next thing you will have to do is gather silica from the area. One is down near the fire at the corner of the house, others are in the fire area. After collecting light the Aten and then wait for the ritual to complete. Next talk to the priest once again. There will be a cutscene.

Reach the Theban Archives:

Aten Rising Walkthrough

Next, you will have to head to archives, and find the heretics texts as described by the Djehuty. The path to enter the building is from the left, cross the stairs and you will see a guard. Kill him and keep going up. You will reach a room with the huge statue. It is pointing toward the roof, look on the extreme left a rack with scrolls climb up and get the text.

Explore the sanctuary of Akhenaten:

Aten Rising Walkthrough

Exit the building and head to the next marker, the sanctuary which is on the northwest side of the map. You will have to wait until morning or use the ability to change time. Jump in the water and swim around and you will see the ray of light. Swim through the broken wooden door and scan. You will get three markers on your left side. Next scan once again and your left you will spot two more points to investigate. But once you will have to swim up for breath and return back to the point. Keep scanning the yellow markers and once completed talk to Isidora.

Once done talk to Isidora about Akhenaten, there will be a cutscene. After that, the quest is over. This unlocks the next quest The Heretic, you can read our walkthrough on it or you can also refer to our Assassins Creed Origins Wiki guide.

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