Atlas: How to unlock the Flint Pistol

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One of the most iconic pirate’s weapons is the Flint Pistol: it is a particular pistol because you can reload it from his muzzle. In the jargon, this is a “muzzleloader” pistol.

Atlas is a game about pirate’s life, so there is a Flint Pistol and yes, you must craft it if you want to “breath the pirate’s life”.

How does Flint Pistol work?

As a muzzleloader pistol, you must reload the Flint Pistol from the muzzle with an apposite item: the ramrod.

In order to recharge a Flint Pistol, you need to place a bullet (usually a little iron’s ball) over a little patch and push them with the ramrod.

Now you need to insert in your pistol the fire powder, and that’s it.

Flint Pistol has a slow recharge but a lot of firepowers: pirate love it, so you need to love it, right?

Atlas How to unlock the Flint Pistol

How to unlock Flint Pistol?

Like every item in Atlas, you need to unlock certain skill in order to unlock Flint Pistol.

There is the list of skill needed to unlock Flint Pistol (near skill name there is the number of skill points that you need. You need a total of 32 skill points):

  • Tools of the trade (1)
  • Archery (3)
  • Ballistic Studies (2)
  • Improved Ballistic Studies (4)
  • Expert Ballistic Studies (10)
  • Sapper (6)
  • Firearms Unlock (4)
  • Pistol Basics (2)

How to craft Flint Pistol?

Now you can craft this wonderful gun, so you need to get the right materials.

What? You don’t know what kind of materials are useful? No problem! There is a list:

  • 16 Flint
  • 18 Hide
  • 36 Metal
  • 8 Oil
  • 22 Wood

Are you happy now?