Beginner’s guide to Soda Dungeon 2

Set yourself up for success when starting out in Soda Dungeon 2.

If you’re looking to get into Soda Dungeon 2 but are put off by the game’s decently sharp learning curve, then this is the guide for you.

A lot is going on in this game that you have to think about and keep track of, but the basic premise is this: you recruit various characters and form them into teams, which you then send out on missions with the intent of defeating “The Dark Lord.” Pretty basic stuff there. The complexity comes in what characters you team together, what items you give them, and the settings you can use during your runs. So let’s get started:

The Basics

You can have up to 6 characters in your team, and we recommend that you always have 6 to ensure a faster progression. If you are looking to farm out resources, the best time to do this is at Warp Level 1, as this will give you the most loot per run.

Progressing Dimensions

As you progress through the Dimensions, you will face The Dark Lord at the end. Once you defeat them, you will be able to move on to the Dimension. When you leave the Dimension you are in, some of your progress will be reset. You will lose your gold, items, resources, and soda. However, you will keep your town buildings, major upgrades, and other currencies.

So before you move on to the next Dimension, consider doing the following things:

  • Liquidate gear at the Blacksmith
  • Use as much money as you can to upgrade your Building and Tavern
  • Spend the rest on the Magic Fountain
  • Once you are done, enter the portal and pick the Rift
    • Choosing the right relic is important to speed up your progression so we recommend the following order:
      • Attack > Health > Mana > HP Regen > Essence > However you want to choose the rest

Auto-Combat Settings

A big part of Soda Dungeon is having the game running while engaging in other activities; it’s a very passive game. So you want to make sure to have the best settings ready to go for when you send out your team on their runs and put your phone down:

  • Save a Key for Healing Fairies – Yes
  • Heal When Party HP Is Less Than – 50%
  • Heal When Party MP Is Less Than – 30%
  • AD Gold Boost – 10%
  • Chance to Pick an Unknown Path with No Key – 0%

Be sure to tick the boxes for “Healing Fairy,” “Bonus Treasure,” and “Mineshaft.”

After a few runs with these settings, you will have enough to buy some supplies for your characters. We recommend you buy the following with the money you have built up:

  • Hammerin’ Ale
  • RN Cola
  • Loot Beer
  • Mystic Fizz

These items will help you unlock classes in the future.

Building Your Team

The first thing to know when building our your team at the beginning of the game is to make sure your characters are all different classes. This will help each class level up and earn EXP. Once you have leveled your classes up, you can break out into more specific team-builds that will help you in different scenarios. But at the start, you won’t need to worry about that.

Image via Steam

Here are the teams that we recommend using for farming in the game and boss fights:

Farming Build

  • Thief Carpenter
  • Mystic Carpenter
  • Nurse Carpenter

When you are starting out, equip this team with a Heal Stone. This item will allow your team to heal each other and help them get through the mission quickly, all the way to the boss. It only costs 1 MP, so it’s worth the purchase. A Silver Necklace can help with healing, as well. These can be made at the Blacksmith.

This build will last you until around Dimension 7-8, at which point you will most likely need to start experimenting with the characters and items.

Boss Build

  • Nurse Nurse
  • Nurse Carpenter
  • Carpenter Mystic

Equip this team with Skull Blades and Infected Edges, which will damage a boss over time. This team will help with bosses for many of the early stages of the game.

This build will last awhile but can have difficulty in Dimensions 6, 8, 9 or 10.

Leveling Equipment

Leveling up your equipment helps to boost its base stats, as well as additional attributes. To level your equipment, you will need to spend Smithing Crystals, obtained from the blacksmith, dungeons, and quests. Dungeons will be the main way to earn them, though.

As you level up an item, the cost of leveling will increase:

  • Level 1 – 3 Blue Crystals
  • Level 2 – 10 Blue Crystals
  • Level 3 – 3 Red Crystals
  • Level 4 – 10 Red Crystals
  • Level 5 – 10 Red Crystals
  • Level 6 – 20 Red Crystals
  • Level 7 – 3 Yellow Crystals

Always level your equipment before taking on the boss so you will increase your chances of beating The Dark Lord.


Crafting is a huge part of getting better gear in Soda Dungeon 2. You will come across many different items in the dungeons, but the best gear is going to be obtained from Blacksmiths and their upgrades.


We recommend building the Wizard’s Hut as soon as you can. This building will allow you to warp to checkpoints in the dungeon, so you don’t have to keep sending your team into the dungeon, over and over, and having them get beat up. You can skip to a later section and get better loot.

Image via Steam

You will also want to focus on upgrading your Tavern, especially when you have access to beds. By upgrading the Tavern, you will attract more adventurers, and you can recruit more interesting characters in your party. So always take the time to build out your Tavern and keep the flow of adventurers coming in.

You can build these at the Carpenter Shop, which is unlocked after first purchasing Hammerin’ Ale.