Best 20 Maps In Party Animals (Ranked)

Party on from map to map.

One of the biggest outstanding features of Party Animals is the upgraded maps. Whether you’re playing on a console or PC, you’ve no doubt noticed how shiny and well-designed the maps are. Compared to other games we’d find in the same vein as Party Animals, like Gang Beasts and Human Fall Flat, these maps are an upgrade. But which is the most fun to play on? Which are the most frustrating? In this article, we’ll go over all the maps by category, deciding which is the best and which could use a patch.

Best Last Stand Maps in Party Animals

Last Stand is your standard gameplay for Party Animals. The goal: be the last cute fuzzy (or scaly) friend standing. These maps are the most varied in the game, featuring roaring rivers over bridges, icebergs that are falling apart, sinking ships, wind tunnels, and more. There’s plenty of collateral damage to cause and plenty of ways to take out your friends with a little help from the environment. As it stands, Last Stand maps tend to be the best because it’s where the game shines the brightest. Below, we have our rankings for Last Stand maps in Party Animals:

  1. Ice Breaker: This is a stage that’s made up entirely of ice. It breaks apart as the game progresses, encouraging shy players to get a bit more aggressive. This is a great stage because environmental pressures are a bit more convincing, especially with the slippery nature of what you’re running around on.
  2. Gator Valley: Anyone could tell just from the trailer alone that this stage was going to be great. Gator Valley features a bridge over rushing water, with planks falling off the bridge as the game progresses. We gave it a high ranking for the chaotic nature of this stage alone.
  3. Wind Tunnel: If you don’t have fun throwing your friends into harm’s way on this stage, what’s the point? The Wind Tunnel features a wind tunnel that sucks players in. There are walls and levers to combat the pull, but these things break in time.
  4. Broken Arrow: Broken Arrow is an airplane stage where both ends are freezing towards you. This one is fun simply because all airplane stages are fun. They come with free propellers that just beg you to try and toss a player in there.
  5. Typhoon: Typhoon is another stage that really pressures players to be aggressive. It all takes place on a submarine, one that’s steadily sinking.
  6. Winter is Coming: Points for creativity for this one, because this idea wasn’t found at all in Gang Beasts or other similar games. This stage takes place in a bonfire-covered zone that gets darker as the bonfires go out one by one.
  7. Ichiban: These ruins help maintain the fighting nature of the game by introducing an odd green gas. As the game progresses, the gas rises, encouraging players to take each other out before the gas finishes everyone off.
  8. Blackhole Lab: Blackhole Lab is interesting for the exact reason you think. During play, a black hole emerges, sucking any unsuspecting animals inside.
  9. Beat-Up Bridge: A classic, maybe a tad too plain, stage that takes place on a beat-up bridge. If you don’t want to fall, you’ll make your other players get thrown off before the entire thing gives out on you.

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Best Team Score and Arcade Maps in Party Animals

Whether it’s collecting candy, throwing bombs, or playing a popular sport, the Team Score maps actually aren’t that bad. Normally in modes like these, I would expect an infuriating experience, akin to the Fall Guys’ versus mode. However, in this game that wasn’t the case. Maybe I’m simply too distracted by the cute animals. Either way, we have a ranking for all the stages you can find in Arcade and Team Store modes:

  1. Final Destination: Who could not love this stage? It’s a classic case where you have enemies in a subway station and passing trains just waiting to barrel them over.
  2. Winter Cabin: This one gets points for being simply huge, not to mention detailed. The entire area is navigatable, even on top of stools and tables. It looks plenty cozy, too, and would probably stay that way if not for all the punching. Not to mention, when you’re thrown outside, you freeze.
  3. Lollipop Factory: Collecting candy to win is the name of the game at this stage. You can’t have enough factory settings in these kinds of games, usually because they come with a lot of opportunities to deck your rivals.
  4. Trebuchet: This awesome stage gets style points simply because of the fun that is throwing bombs to your foes. Sometimes, you end up in the trebuchet, too, but that’s the price of having fun.
  5. Beast Football: This version of silly football is actually very fun. The curved slope on each side of the stage helps speed things up a bit. No doubt this was done on purpose so that games don’t get aggravatingly long.
  6. Buzz Ball: This stage is unique because it not only presents the challenge of playing fuzzy basketball, but the ball itself electrocutes you if too many people hold onto it. This is another fine example of how Party Animals flips the game a bit to make things interesting during each round.
  7. Fluffy Redemption: Fluffy Redemption is a hilarious stage that features two trains riding next to each other. You can either choose to be an agent of chaos that tries to prevent the other team from storing coal in the furnace or be a help to your own train to win.
  8. Into The Game: This is a game within a game. A stage where you need to connect to consoles and score the most points on the pixelated screen to win. This a refreshing change of pace to have in Party Animals, especially for long partying sessions on the game.
  9. Beast Soccer: The soccer game for Party Animals isn’t too incredibly special, but props to the dev team for making the ball so easy to control and delightfully large.
  10. Safely Afloat: Similar to the other sport-like games in Party Animals, except this one takes it to the air. The box safe is what you need to get to your side, so once again it’s a minigame where you can choose to be a problem for the other team or progress your team’s objective.
  11. Beast Hockey: Beast Hockey is a good stage, the only annoying element present is the fact that the gigantic hockey puck made of ice can, and often does, knock you out. This can be just a little frustrating, but it’s okay. Your little guy always bounces back.