Top 10 Best Games Like

Become the biggest dot (or line) in town! is an addictive in-browser game that garnered a lot of popularity after boomed it into the spotlight. While has stood more as an icon representing these kinds of games, came first in the line, being the first inspiration for these kinds of games, bolstering them up as a concept for bored students and otherwise computer-bound people everywhere.

Some of these games even made it to have successful mobile app versions of themselves, mechanics staying intact for an even better experience on touch screens. While you may have heard of and, many games are inspired by the concept created with the first of these games. In this article, we’ll satisfy all of your .io needs and more with these recommendations.

10. is the one that started it all. If you don’t know what is, it’s a game that focuses on becoming the biggest dot on-screen. You can gather other dots to join your mass by automatically hovering over and absorbing them. Be warned, though, that there are bigger dots than you, so until you can be safe from them via size, it’s a good idea just to hide and gather up pellets while you bide your time. You can play either in a browser or by downloading the app.

9. is almost a direct copy of, but with some helpful features added. While you can always split your mass in, allows you to shoot pieces of your mass outwards so that you can chase down smaller dots more effectively. With the combined effect of splitting and shooting mass in, gaining board dominance becomes a whole lot easier. If you like, this game is a definite contender for a good time.

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If you’re tired of 2D versions of this game, try It’s the same concept as Dot on Dot Violence, except it’s in a 3D space instead of on a flat surface. The flip on its head that this game takes to the .io pattern is refreshing, although the learning curve is a little hard to master. Additionally, the game is made a tad more difficult by the fact that energy drains from an orb if it’s close to a larger one. This means that staying away from your enemies is a valid tactic!

7. is a very similar game to Think of it as but a few steps backward, with the map zoomed out as far as it can go. focuses on attacking and defending yourself, while is more about surviving for as long as possible in a room with other players. Avoiding crashing into other players, as well as how to avoid a death loop, both come naturally in this game. If you’ve played plenty of, this game will naturally come to you.

6. is an concept with a fantasy skin. In this game, you start out as a character who is trying to amass the largest army to become the biggest kingdom in the area. This Agario concept is the same baseline game but with another coat of paint all across it, making it a great shakeup if you get tired of the basic formula. There are milestones, plenty of competitive battery with other players, and exploration of the map and its resources to be had.


Dieplio is a clone of that appeared before was even online. It has a bit more complex dynamic to it, one of the main features being that you can earn coins to take advantage of during the game. Taking out other players or shooting disguised areas of the map can earn bullets per shot, additional damage, or maximum damage for a single bullet. If you want a little variety for your experience, is a great idea for faster gameplay with the same lovable concept.


Plenty of these kinds of games exist, but not one is so married between the two concepts as While plenty of apps and browser games out there feature being a great abyss-like hole that consumes all, there aren’t too many that turn that concept into a free-for-all against other people. is a delightfully simple and colorful game, one robustly made with fully 3D graphics and a perfectly readable UI. It’s rather impressive for an in-browser game, and while it doesn’t have the robust mechanics that some games in this list do, that doesn’t make it any less fun to try out.

3. is an upgrade of that features a change in a few baseline gameplay mechanics. For example, all the little pebbles that you find across the map to get bigger initially are now mobile, making matters faster for you and your path to being the biggest orb around. If you become a Gold member, you can access different skins and nicknames that are exclusive to the Gold VIP zone. This is a solid alternative if you’re looking to shake things up after playing or for too long.


Unlike many on this list, has its own mobile app. So, if these kinds of games are only fun to you on your smartphone, you’re in luck! takes the formula and sends it to space, literally. Aside from the space reskin, there isn’t much difference here from basic Luckily, you have all the splitting gameplay features you need to survive as a little blob, so if you’re good at, you can expect to be great at this one, too.

1. Mitosis

Mitosis is an game with a visual twist. Not only are the blobs more designed to be akin to how they looked in originally, but all the bits you eat and the places you hide also have a visual upgrade. Mitosis is generally easier on the eyes than is, so if screen brightness and the lime green of those hiding spots were an issue for you, no longer shall it be. Additionally, the gameplay is far faster in Mitosis than in other versions of, making the game much less likely to drag on.