Best base locations in Ark: Survival Evolved

Bases are only as great as their surroundings, so pick a good spot before setting up shop.

Image via Wildcard Studios

Stop surviving and start thriving in Ark: Survival Evolved by setting up your bases in some of the best places on the maps. These are just a few places that we think have nearby essential resources and surroundings that will keep you prepared for whatever lies ahead. If you choose to search out other locations for bases, then just be sure it’s near resources and has enough room for expansion so you can grow and evolve as you play. It’s also good to make sure it’s on higher elevation, especially if it’s not in a cave, so you can see threats before they get too close to your base.

Herbivore Island

  • Map: The Island
  • Coordinates: Latitude 85, Longitude 82

Herbivore Island isn’t the official name, but everyone in the Ark community calls it because it’s a safe location with only herbivores. There’s some danger in the surrounding water, but you’re safe once you’re here. Herbivore Island is great for setting up a base because it’s filled with all of the major resources you need. You can stay here as long as you want without being in any real danger outside of multiplayer too, which makes it a great place to learn the basics and focus on building and crafting. It’s a great spot for everyone but especially if you’re a newer player.

Sunken Forest

  • Map: Extinction
  • Coordinates: Latitude 30, Longitude 30

Sunken Forest is teeming with resources and has good elevation, making it a great place to set up your base. There are also many animals that can be used as a steady meat supply, which makes breeding much easier. Beyond the vast amount of resources, it’s also just a really beautiful and immersive area.

Near the Oasis

  • Map: Scorched Earth
  • Coordinates: Latitude 33, Longitude 10

Scorched Earth is one of the more challenging maps to play on, but it’s an exciting map if you can survive long enough to gain a foothold against the elements. There’s very little water on the map since it’s basically a desert, so it’s best to set up your operation in this area. It puts you close to both water and less intense temperatures. We wouldn’t recommend starting on this map, but once you feel comfortable enough with the game’s mechanics and feel up to it, then this is the area we’d suggest establishing your base within. This area also has Wyverns, and you’ll be able to raise them effectively with a good base setup and continuous water supply.

Center Area

  • Map: Island
  • Coordinates: Latitude 40, Longitude 50

Outside of being really exposed, this is a good spot for a base. You’ll need to be aware of your surroundings more, especially until you’re more established, but most of the resources you need are close. It’s a great spot whether you’re new or really familiar with the game but looking for something different. What it lacks in terms of sights compared to other areas on the list makes up for in resources.

It’ll be even easier to search out other great places for bases once you get established and running efficiently at one or more of these locations. Just remember to make sure you’re near resources, have room to defend yourself (or escape), and room to expand and grow operations.