Best base MUT running backs in Madden 21

The best backs that you should target for MUT.

When building your Madden Ultimate Team from the ground up, the first place you may look to is your running game. After all, not only does having a strong running game allow you to open your offense, but it also makes you less predictable. And if you want to build that solid foundation, you’ll want to have a talented back. But which backs should you look to acquire if you’re starting to build your MUT team? Let’s go over our best base MUT running backs in Madden 21.

Christian McCaffrey

At 88 OVR, Panthers RB Christian McCaffrey is the highest-rated base running back in Madden 21 (and also the most expensive one). While he may not be the fastest back in the game, he does have decent Speed (85) to go along with some solid Agility (89) and Acceleration. However, McCaffrey’s biggest asset is his ability to be of use in both the passing and the running games. Considering that, it’s no wonder he’s one of the top five backs on this list.

Nick Chubb

Browns RB Nick Chubb is the third-highest rated base running back in MUT, only behind Christian McCaffrey and Titans back Derrick Henry. While McCaffrey is on this list, Henry is not, as his 6’3’’ frame is just a bit too slow. On the other hand, Nick Chubb can not only truck and push his way through opposing defenses, but his Speed advantage (85 Speed for Chubb) does put him on this list. Yes, Chubb is by no means a burner, but he can be a useful HB1 or HB2.

Dalvin Cook

Vikings RB Dalvin Cook has been a pivotal player for Minnesota over the past few seasons, and he can also be a valuable back for your MUT team. Cook is the fourth-highest rated running back in Madden 21, thanks to his solid Speed (84), Acceleration (85), and Agility (86) attributes. Cook is not the best trucking running back in the game, meaning you may want to look elsewhere if you desire a back that bully through opposing linebackers. But, if you want someone who can give you bursts of speed, Cook might be worth a look.

Saquon Barkley

Giants RB Saquon Barkley has a base MUT card of 82 OVR, and he has much of the same kind of attributes that Dalvin Cook has. Both Barkley and Cook have the same Speed, Acceleration, and Agility attributes, but Barkley edges him in the Catching category. Barkley’s 64 Catching attribute won’t get him confused with a wide receiver, but it is decent enough for a base running back. The third-year running back’s Break Tackle attribute of 78 is not too bad, either.

Raheem Mostert

49ers RB Raheem Mostert might be the best bang for your buck base running back in MUT. While his catching (54) and ball carrier attributes are less than stellar, Mostert’s value comes with his speed. Mostert has some solid running attributes (86 Speed, 85 Acceleration), and at 81 OVR, he should not cost you too many coins, either. Mostert does have some flaws, but if you want a quick back, he could be your guy.