Best Beginners Decks in Legends of Runeterra

Here are the best decks to start your journey in Legends of Runeterra.

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New to Legends of Runeterra? Check out these great decks for beginners. To build them in-game, just copy the codes embedded below, and then import them using the in-game deck builder.

Best to Learn: Spider Aggro

Spiders Aggro is one of the classic archetypes of Legends of Runeterra, using Elise along with a lot of cheap threats to create a reliable clock that will defeat your enemies. The biggest upside of this deck is how easy it is to build. Even on a brand new account, you will probably have many of the cards needed to start practicing and climbing with this reliable aggro deck. The biggest drawback of this deck is… well, how easy it is to build. Every player you encounter will probably know your strategy right away, but if you take that as a learning opportunity, you can sharpen your skills quickly with this fearsome aggro deck.


Cheapest: Poros Midrange

This is our pick as the most fun deck for beginners, and besides that, it’s the cheapest. Even if you have absolutely none of the cards in this deck, it will cost less than 10,000 shards, making it perfect for players with new accounts, or who just want to try something different. The game plan here is straightforward: play followers that buff each other, deal damage as fast as possible, and use Three Sisters to secure clutch plays. This cute but mighty deck will have you winning games in no time.


Best to Climb: Irelia/Azir Blades

This is arguably the best deck in the game right now, and our advice is to dive right into the deep end by building this as soon as possible. While 24,000 Shards might sound intimidating when you first start playing Legends of Runeterra, if you’re playing and practicing consistently with a budget deck like the two above, you can save up for this dominant combo deck in only a couple of weeks of play. The most important thing as a beginner is to practice with good decks against skilled opponents, and this deck will put you in a position to do so.