The best Boot enchantments in Minecraft

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Enchanted Boots

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Your Boots in Minecraft might not be the first piece you think of when you envision your armor, but there are a lot of uses you can get out of them. Enchanting them can give you quite a few extra uses outside of fashionable foot coverings. There are over ten possible enchantments to put on your feet, but you only can have so many on at a time. Here are our picks for the five best enchantments to put on your Boots in Minecraft.

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The five best Boot enchantments in Minecraft

5. Depth Strider

Depth Strider increases your swimming speed. If you are going to explore an ocean biome and look for sunken ships or underwater temples, these are a must. They can be the deciding difference between you getting air or drowning.

4. Protection

Protection, as you might guess from the name, helps protect you from general damage. While the other enchantments on this list will help you in specific areas, this one can help you keep you alive a little longer.

3. Mending

When you have any item with multiple enchantments on it, you will want to get the Mending enchantment. This will make it so your Boots will regain durability anytime you pick up experience orbs while wearing them. You can essentially make them indestructible with this.

2. Frost Walker

Frost Walker doesn’t work with Depth Strider, so you will have to choose one or the other. With this enchantment on your Boots, any time you go to step on a water block, it will momentarily freeze into ice. You can use this to run across oceans. Also, while wearing this, you will not take damage on Magma Blocks, so it can be useful when traversing The Nether.

1. Feather Falling

Feather Falling is our favorite Boots enchantment because it reduces fall damage. This can be the difference between you living or dying when falling while digging down or getting pushed off of a high bridge.