How to decorate your house in Minecraft – Minecraft decoration ideas

Make your extravagant Minecraft house look lived in by adding a few interior decorations.

Image via Mojang

After you’ve built the Minecraft house of your dreams, you’ll often find that its beautifully crafted exterior hides a bland and empty interior. As very few blocks resemble furniture, it can often be difficult to find appropriate decorations with which to fill the space inside your house. Nonetheless, the designs included in this guide will offer decorative ideas that you can use to turn your house into a home in Minecraft.

Furniture decorations

Screenshot by Gamepur

Even the most basic of furniture pieces, such as tables and chairs, don’t exist in a realistic form in contemporary Minecraft. To build anything resembling these features, you’ll need to improvise using building blocks that already exist in-game. For example, the L-shape of stair blocks resemble chairs, so placing several stair blocks next to each other and around a corner can essentially create a sectional couch.

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Several combinations of blocks can haphazardly represent a ramshackle table, though we recommended upward-facing active pistons for this purpose. In order to extend and create the tabletop, these pistons need to be connected to a powered source of redstone to activate. This can be easily done by placing a block of redstone under each piston, slightly beneath the floor.

Kitchen decorations

Screenshot by Gamepur

While cooking and preparing food is a necessary gameplay mechanic for any survival run, more can be done to decorate the kitchen in which you do so. For example, placing cooked steak or pork chops in glowing item frames on top of your cooking furnace can give off the appearance of a proper stovetop. A couple of vertically-stacked iron blocks and iron trapdoors can pass as a refrigerator, and overhead barrels can act as storage space for your food items.

Library decorations

Screenshot by Gamepur

In order to upgrade your weapons, tools, and armor, an enchanting table and up to 15 nearby bookshelves are a must. However, this enchanting table room can be further decorated into a fully fledged library with a few more bookshelves and some other knick knacks. Skull bookends, potted plants, cobwebs, and other items can fill space and provide depth and detail to an otherwise stuffy reading room.

Storage room decorations

Screenshot by Gamepur

While not so much “decorations” as they are efficient storage options, you can’t deny that stuffing your Minecraft house full of your hoarded items isn’t an effective and satisfying way of decorating. Double chests can be stacked to provide bulk storage space in very tight spaces, and barrels can be hung from the ceiling to stow items overhead in even tighter ones. Ores can be processed and stored in chests directly from the furnace that they’re smelted in by connecting the two blocks with a hopper.

Bedroom decorations

Screenshot by Gamepur

Despite Minecraft’s beds looking small and rigid by default, there are decorations that can be added to spruce up your slumber. For example, additional wool blocks of the same color can be added along the sides to provide what looks like additional bedding, and carpet can be draped over the entire bed to add a thicker blanket. Mounting a clock in an item frame can help you to decide when it’s best to tuck in for the night.