The best Commanders in Rise of Kingdoms

Leading the charge into battle.

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Commanders are core leaders for battling in Rise of Kingdoms, and they can be classified into four distinctive tiers: Advanced, Elite, Epic, and Legendary. Commander’s strengths lie in a few main categories relevant for gameplay, including Open-Field, Rallying, Defense, and Sunset Canyon, to name a few. Each of these categories will be taken into account in determining the top Commanders to consider in Rise of Kingdoms, as well as individual impact, skill tree potential, and overall value out on the battlefield.


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Attila is one of the best Commanders in the game, especially as a rally leader and an open field Commander. Attila’s core strengths mainly come from the fact that he does normal attack damage and counter-attack damage in tandem. This is in contrast to pure skill damage from active skills. The outcome of this is more raw damage, which is very valuable in comparison to fellow Commanders.

Artemisia I

Rise of Kingdoms artemisia I
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One of the newest Commanders on this list, Artemisia I is the go-to archer-based Commander and truly unparalleled in this regard. Bow and Mount, one of her main skills, increases archery units’ defense and health, further supporting her application as an archer pro.

Alexander the Great

alexander rise of kingdoms
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On the top of the infantry march lead Commanders sits Alexander the Great. He reduces healing effectiveness, has loads of march speed — allowing quick speeds around the battlefield or escaping combat — and provides shielding to nearby allies, which is immensely helpful.

Charles Martel

charles martel rise of civilizations
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Charles Martel is considered as one of the best gold key commanders available and is classified as an infantry Garrison defense Commander, which is a big reason for his success. One of his main active skills, Shield of Francia, prove unaffected by attacks that reduce healing, which is critical on the battlefield. Additionally, Charles Martel mainly performs normal attack and counter attack damage, which is super useful.

Yi Seong-Gye

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Yi Seoung-Gye is arguably considered as one of the best Commanders amongst the Rise of Kingdom community. Once Yi Seong-Gye’s skills are all completely maxed out, he is pretty much unmatched amongst any other Commanders. In particular, when using his active skill, he benefits from a full circle area of effect, hitting opponents within a full 360-degree radius — which is very deadly.


theodora Rise of Kingdoms
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Theodora is a top-notch Garrison defender, particularly a general city defender. This is primarily due to her use of mixed troops and the leadership she bestows over them. Overall, Theodora is quite versatile, as her role in the primary and secondary game is rock solid. For the defense-based players out there, Theodora is a fantastic choice.