Best Deathcard choices in Inscryption

Learn how to build the ultimate Deathcard in Inscryption.

This Deathcard is ready to slap dudes around

Screenshot by Gamepur

Inscryption has a fascinating roguelike mechanic in Act 1 — Deathcards. The Deathcard system rewards proper forethought and deck trimming, allowing you to build truly monstrous cards for use in future runs. The featured image, for example, is a 1 cost 7/7 with +1 to cards on its sides. For reference, the only natural 7/7 in the game that isn’t a Deathcard requires 4 sacrifices to field — so if you’re ready to break Inscryption over your knee, look no further.

Making a good Deathcard requires some planning and an expectation that you will fail the current run. The ultimate goal is to make a 0 cost heavy hitter with Airborne and Bi or Trifurcated Strike, which is extremely tricky to pull off — and kind of overkill. A good Deathcard can have two of those features and still pull a win off with no problem.

To prepare, first, keep trimming your deck as often as possible. Keep any Airborne, Bifurcated, or Trifurcated Strike, and Touch of Death cards, as well as any cards with high stat values. Good targets include Grizzly, Great White, and that 7/7 beefster we mentioned above, but don’t turn your nose up at a Vulture or Wolf either.

During your run, you want to try to overkill Leshy to get Gold Teeth. You want to find a Trapper near the end of your run and get at least 3 pelts, to boost the odds you’ll draw into a 0 cost when you build your Deathcard. Furthermore, throughout your run, you want to try to fuse Airborne and Bi or Tri Strike onto one card. If possible, try to do this a few times — again, to boost the odds that you’ll draw into it when you build your Deathcard.

Finally, fail your run and pray. When the time comes, choose any Pelt cards you see for the cost, whatever the highest stat value you have available, and hopefully an Airborne and Bi or Tri Strike Sigil combo. Name your card whatever you like, and voila — your very own nuclear weapon will be available in future runs. It may not show up immediately, but eventually, you’ll find it and be ready to roll.