Best game Discord bots to add to your server

What better way to kill time on a Discord channel than playing another game?

Image via Discord

Discord has become a great service for several different reasons. It’s a communication service primarily used by gamers who want to create individual servers to invite their friends who share common interests. It also works for guilds or clans who want to use a voice chat outside of the game they’re playing. None of these servers have to be used for gaming, but that’s mostly where they center and the roots of the service when it first arrived in 2015.

For those who own servers, they can add bots to moderate a large number of users, and some of these bots are particularly entertaining. Some of them can even be used to play games inside of your servers, and these are some of the best ones.


A great bot to add to your Discord server keeps you, and your friends entertained, but not hold your attention above anything else. When you play IdleRPG, you can play for a little bit during the day, make some progress, and then return to whatever original game you’re focused on. You don’t have to devote too much time to figure how you want to play your class, participate in raids with other players, trade with NPCs, battle, participate in a tournament, and much more. It’s an ideal bot to have in the background that won’t suck up too much time.


For those who prefer card games where you need to bluff against your friends, the BlackJack Discord bot will make your server a bit more lively. You and your friends can bet virtual chips in several games where it’s all about luck and a little bit of skill. You don’t have to rely on winning all the time, though. You can receive additional chips by claiming more every couple hours or so, ensuring even those who consistently lose can still play and throw in some chips while waiting for a game’s matchmaking servers to connect.


If you want to test your knowledge against your friends, the TriviaBot wants to test what you know about the world. It contains over 90,000 questions, and it’s capable of creating various teams, leaderboards, and provide rewards to anyone in the discord channel. It also contains the capacity to ask and speak in multiple languages, such as Turkish, Portuguese, and French. So long as you keep the competition friendly, the TriviaBot is an excellent addition to your channel.

Rock Puppy

A smaller bot than the rest on this list, the Rock Puppy Discord bot is an excited doggo who’s happy to be around your ground. You can play a variety of games with it, such as 8Ball, Fortunes, Tarot Readings, Tic-Tac-Toe, Truth or Dar, Would You Rather, and several more. The bot also has additional features to help your server, which are incredibly beneficial for groups who need a little more order to your chaos. You don’t have to rely on those organizational tools, though, and can instead focus on the game features to kill time in-between waiting for everyone in your party to be ready.

Idle Miner

Minecraft is a big game, and it can take up quite a bit of time, especially for those who have a vast amount of creativity. But it’s not always what you and your friends want to play for the evening. If you still have a craving to have it playing in the background, the Idle Miner Discord bot gives you a small test of the gameplay without the big server. Mostly, it focuses on the mining aspect and venturing into a mine, trying to get out with a full backpack, and eventually leveling up your pickax to acquire more resources. Ultimately, if you reach the end of the game with the highest amount of resources, you can start over again with a brand new series of stats and even prestige. It’s a fun little game to have on the side, and who doesn’t love aimlessly looting mines?