Best Duels Decks in Hearthstone

Sort the trash from the treasure in Hearthstone’s unpredictable Duels.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment, Inc

Hearthstone Duels is a unique challenge, combining the eccentric ‘roguelike’ mechanics of Hearthstone’s adventure modes with the head-to-head competition of the ladder, creating an exciting, highly varied mode. These two decks are the diamonds in the rough, use them to get that sweet 12 win run.

Death Games Hunter

Hunter is one of the best classes because of its simplicity: you play strong deathrattle creatures and generate better value than your opponent. Let someone else be cute or clever, you’re here to win. Using the “Death Games,” ability, you can trigger the deathrattle abilities of your cards. Using this ability, you can generate potentially massive value from early tempo plays like summoning a 4/4 from Nerubian Egg or similar effects, punishing opponents who can’t effectively answer your deathrattle cards.

Soulcial Studies Warlock

This is a down and dirty aggro deck that wants to attack as much as possible as fast as possible. The Soulcial Studies ability summons a 3/2 Flame Imp whenever you play a card that generates Soul Fragments, creating potentially devastating plays like turn one Spirit Jailer, which leaves you with a 1/3 and a 3/2 on the very first turn of the game. Using Warlock’s usual tools, like in the “Zoo” archetype of constructed play, you can apply pressure and overwhelm slower decks before they ever get online.