Best Early-Game Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Screenshot by Gamepur

As with any Pokémon game, your initial team Pokémon Legends: Arceus will be your starter and whatever Pokémon you find first. But, slowly, the necessity of strategically shaping your team will become apparent. Unlike previous Pokémon games, the types of Pokémon shown in your team will affect not only your matchups in battles but what research tasks you can complete. In this wild new world, what are the best early-game Pokémon?

For most of the Obsidian Fieldlands, the types of Pokémon are varied, which means diversity in your team will be rewarded. The first aggressive Pokémon you’ll meet is Shinx. You can then use that Shinx against another aggressive Pokémon, Buizel, a water-type that is also weak against grass-types like Rowlet. You’ll find Shinx to be very useful in balancing out your team and defending against the Fieldland’s aggressive Zubats and Drifloons. Grass-types will be generally useful in the Fieldlands, but they’ll become a liability in the poison-heavy Crimson Mirelands, as will all the bug-types you just caught.

Another useful Pokémon is Geodude, which is available in abundance near the Heights Camp. Geodude will also be useful in the Kleavor fight, as will water-types. Those who picked Oshawatt will be rewarded here. Make sure to also pick up a Psyduck, which will be catchable just before you reach Kleavor’s tree. Psyduck’s psychic moves will also be useful against both Mireland’s poison-types, as well as ghost types.

For more psychic-bolstering, try to catch an Abra, which can be found in Windswept Run but flees quickly. The Mirelands also has a fair amount of grass-types, which is when Cyndaquil will shine. However, the flying/poison-type Zubat will also be incredibly useful.

In summation, all three starters have their strengths, but also Pokémon that could substitute, so go with your heart. Otherwise, we recommend training up Shinx, Geodude, Psyduck, Abra, and Zubat, all of which can be found in the Fieldlands.