The five best guns in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a game that plays very much like an arcade shooter. The time-to-kill is low, meaning that fewer bullets are required to bring an enemy down. This mechanic has become less prevalent with the rise in popularity amongst Battle Royale games, where shields play a significant part f the experience.

The traditional multiplayer styling of the game means that guns have a massive impact on how fast and effective you can be at killing an enemy. The developers have done a reasonably decent job of making each weapon feel like they have a purpose.

However, also like every traditional-style shooter, that doesn’t stop certain guns from standing out amongst the rest, either because they are the best at their purpose, or they shred opponents the best.

Here are the five best guns currently in the game:



This weapon might seem like an odd choice, with the classic assault rifle being one of the first to unlock in the game. But don’t be fooled by its stats. It might be considered an all-purpose gun, but that exact reason is why it makes this list.

It has decent stopping power combined with accuracy, reasonable recoil control, and an iron-sight that is very usable, even over a standard reticle. It’s best over shorter bursts but is versatile enough to work in a single-shot and automatic spray too.

It doesn’t have quite the same fanciness as the rest of the AR line-up, but it’s a gun that’s better than the sum of its parts, and it’s clear why so many players continue to use it well into the later levels. If you think that you might struggle with the recoil of the more explosive assault rifles, the M4A1 is your best alternative.



Speaking of more explosive assault rifles, the staple of the Modern Warfare series is the Kalashnikov, or more popularly known as the AK47. And in this year’s game, it continues to play a massive part in multiplayer by being possibly the strongest gun in the game for those with the skill to control it.

Immense stopping power means that in a straight fight between you and an enemy with an alternative rifle, you can hedge your bets on yourself. Accuracy is also excellent while also being reasonably quick to reload.

It’s still a loose cannon when it comes to recoil, so if you tend to spray more often than not, it’s probably worth considering the M4A1, but if you can master that kickback, it’s hard to find a better gun than the AK47.


725 Shotgun

When it comes to close-range duels, there’s no contest in Modern Warfare. If you have a 725 and you face your enemy at the same time at close range, expect to down them. This fantastic shotgun will not suit everyone, as is always the case with getting in people’s faces, but if that’s your jam, you NEED to be carrying a 725.

This double-barrel blaster can fire two shells very quickly and has a tight cluster spread. You might think that puts it at a disadvantage for a shotgun. Still, hitboxes in the game are relatively significant, meaning you don’t have to be the most accurate to hit, and if you can get a big enough chunk of an enemy’s torso, you’ll only need one to take them down.

It’s also effective at short to medium range too, so while your best shot is getting close, don’t be afraid to pop it off further away if they’re going to take the whole buck. Be careful, though. It only has two shells in the chamber, so aim accurately, reload safely, and you’ll realize that this thing is devastating.



When you’re playing a game where the key is how fast you can down your enemy, the fire rate becomes the most critical stat line on a weapon. If you can fire more bullets than your opponent in the same amount of time, it’s much more likely that they will go down before you do.

For that reason, as the weapons with one of the highest fire rates in the game, P90 is a top pick. The MP7 amongst the SMGs does have a slightly higher rate of fire, but the P90’s huge 50 round clip is a significant advantage in prolonged gunfights, so pips it.

It’s not the best on the maps with big and open spaces, but on the smaller to medium-sized maps, it can be very deadly.


HDR Sniper

The HDR is the best sniper rifle in the game. It’s incredibly powerful. Typically a one-hit kill regardless of where on the body it strikes the opponent, with alarming accuracy and swift reloading.

The Dragunov has a big issue with recoil if you’re trying to make follow-up shots, while it also doesn’t consistently one-hit kill to the body. While the AX-50 is technically more powerful than the HDR, it’s unnecessarily bulky and cumbersome. The HDR is the best of all worlds when it comes to long-range options and comes into its own on Ground War maps, especially Tavorsk District, where you have a heightened sense of verticality.

We hope that with these weapons, you can take on the world and win. But remember, all players are different. It’s best to try out all of the guns to find your sweet spots with each.