Top 15 Sites to Read Manga Online for Free

Finding that right place to read your favorite manga can be difficult but it doesn’t have to anymore with these free manga sites.

Top Manga Sites

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Sometimes, no matter how much you want to, a person just can’t justify buying every single manga available at the bookstore. Other times the manga they want to read isn’t officially translated into English, so what is a person to do?

Hunting for free manga to read online is a right of passage all manga readers will go through. I remember when the leading website to read manga, Onemanga, had gone down, sending everyone into a panic. Thankfully since then, other websites have stepped up to continue to provide readers with a source of manga. These are the leading manga websites where fans can continue feeding their addictions.

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15. Mangafox/Fanfox

top manga sites mangafox
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Magafox, now known as Fanfox, is the grandad of free manga online. It has a vast variety of manga to choose from and an easy website to navigate both on PC and mobile. It does have a handy ranking system to see what is currently popular among readers. However, this website tends to be missing chapters of different series with the least popular being more likely to be a victim.

14. Mangareader

top manga sites mangareader
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Mangareader has a wide selection of manga and manhwa to read. Everything is up to date and the scans are a high quality. The site not the easiest to navigate but when reading the manga itself it becomes much more user friendly. However, the site does have many ads that will sometimes open in a new window if accidently clicked on.

13. Kissmanga

top manga sites kissmanga
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Kissmanga is a site that has all the latest manga as well as some lesser-known manga available. The scans are high quality and it is easy to search for particular titles. The information for each series is compact and easy to find. However, readers can’t search by genre or do a general search. They have to know the title to do any kind of searching. The website does have ads but readers can get them to go away easily enough.

12. MangaHere

top manga sites mangahere
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MangaHere has a very similar layout to Mangafox but they have a wider variety of manga. The scans are of high quality and manga titles are up to date. It does have a separate mobile site that is easy to navigate. MangaHere has a section where the community can discuss spoilers for the new chapters. There is an archive of old discussion boards that can be fun to look through.

11. Kunmanga

top manga sites kunmanga
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Kunmanga has high-quality scans and translations. It’s an easy-to-navigate site and mobile-friendly. However, it really caters to manhwa, manhua, and romance readers. But if that’s your jam then this is the site for you. There is an advanced search setting that will really narrow things down or keep the search broad depending how how many genres you check off.

10. Mangabuddy

top manga sites mangabuddy
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Mangabuddy has one of the biggest online databases for free manga. It is easy to use and search for different titles in multiple ways. The scans are of decent quality and it has minimal ads to get in the way. It has an active discussion board and a comment section at the bottom of each page that can be entertaining to read or be a part of. Mangabuddy has a sister website, novelbuddy, for those who like light novels.

9. Mangabat

top manga sites mangabat
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Mangabat is a site that has a variety of manga. It has few ads to get in the way and has high-quality scans of the more popular titles. It is a pretty easy website to use where the titles can be narrowed down by genre. Readers can look at the top-viewed manga on the site and the newest additions by clicking the tabs at the top right corner of the screen. However, it is not as friendly on mobile.

8. Crunchyroll

top manga sites crunchyroll
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While Crunchyroll is more known for its anime streaming service, it does offer a lot of manga to read as well. The quality of manga is some of the best readers can get. However, some of it is not free unless you have a Crunchyroll subscription and the site is limited on titles as only official English translations that have made it to the USA are available.

7. Mangakakalot

top manga sites mangakakalot
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Mangakakalot is one of the more well-known free sites. It, like many, has a lot of titles both well-known and more obscure. The quality of the scans is good and the site is easy to use. However, I’ve found that it has a lot of ads that will not go away and if you are reading on your phone, the ads take up most of the screen. Using it on the PC is a much better experience.

6. Manganelo

top manga sites manganelo
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Manganelo has the same setup as Mangakalot with a very similar library as well. This one tends to have fewer ads for the mobile version which makes it a bit better than its Mangakakalot counterpoint. Manga titles can be sorted into genre, their completion status, and if it is new or top trending manga.


top manga sites readm
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Readm is one of the better free manga sites. It has a huge library that has a lot of lesser-known titles and the more popular ones. Readers can search by category and if they so choose, have the option to read light novels. It has a discord to connect with the community as well. To use that function, readers must have a login.


top manga sites
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BATO.TO is my favorite website to go to when sitting down for a long read-in. It has one of the bigger libraries available and the scans are always top-notch in quality. One of my favorite parts is the comment section where the community has some of the best reactions and witty comments to each chapter. The advanced search is easy to use and can really help find exactly what you are looking for.

3. Mangairo

top manga sites mangairo
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Mangairo has manga, manhua, and manwa available for readers. It shows both the newest titles and the current monthly trending titles on the front page of the site. Both the PC and mobile versions are easy to navigate. This one has high-quality scans and translations. Readers have the option to browse only completed titles via the completed tab on the top of the screen which is perfect for those who have anxieties about series being dropped.

2. Mangaplus

top manga sites mangaplus
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Mangaplus is a free website that has great quality and a huge library. It has one of the best apps available as well but it caters more to the app. The website is limited, unfortunately. It does have an optional subscription where more titles are available. It is an official source of manga that will release chapters on the app at the same time they are released in Japan so there’s no need to wait.


top manga sites mangafire
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Mangafire has all the top titles and a huge library for readers to explore. Its website has a polished finish that makes it stand out above the rest. It does offer an app for the phone but it does have mixed reviews. The scans and translations are top quality. When reading a chapter, fans have options to adjust their reading experience on the right side of the page, including bookmarking where they are at.