Top 10 Anime Minecraft Skins

Dive into the perfect blend of anime and Minecraft as we present the top 10 anime-themed skins for your in-game character.

Anime and Minecraft are closer than they seem — both are cartoonish and share many of the same fanbase. Thanks to mods and skins that can apply to Java, there are plenty of ways to modify your Minecraft experience to be a little more like the anime you enjoy. Whether you want to fly around as a super-powered antagonist or swing a diamond sword like you’re Kirito, there are plenty of skins to be had for the anime fan in Minecraft.

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10. Kirito

Image via SkinDex

Naturally, one of the first anime skins that comes to mind for many people is Kirito because he has a sword that looks very much like the diamond sword from Minecraft; that conclusion is hardly surprising. Regardless of what you think of the base show, we have to admit the skin looks pretty cool, especially once you layer some good armor on.

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9. Mob

Image via SkinDex

Mob would definitely be the kind to play Minecraft, just as long as he doesn’t have to take out any enemies. For a peaceful playthrough of Minecraft, consider this little guy to be an excellent skin to don. It’s a simple skin, not very much shading at all, but that’s simply how Mob is. He’s straightforward to draw, and this skin was effortless to design.

8. Dio

Image via SkinDex

If you’re in the mood for power-tripping on God mode, Dio’s a great skin for the occasion. Even better, if you plan on joining any spooky servers for October-related holidays, Dio’s getup doubles as a vampire outfit since he is one. There are plenty of JoJo skins on SkinDex, especially for Dio’s various reincarnations that come down the line in the show. So, if you want something other than this particular version of Dio, there’s plenty more to choose from.

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7. Radical Edward

Image via SkinDex

Radical Edward is the perfect skin to don if you want to cause chaos. It’s a simple skin without much detail to it, but it does represent Edward astoundingly well. The skin can adapt to either the standard or thin layout available in Java, so you can have this look match Edward even more.6. Jet

Image via SkinDex

Cowboy Bebop is full of great characters to play as while exploring Minecraft with friends. If you have a few friends with you, why not sport the bounty hunter look together? Jet is another example of some great anime skins on Minecraft, ones that don’t skimp on the detail when it comes to shading and design points. Even the back of his jacket is designed in.

5. Spike

Image via SkinDex

While we could probably do with some more spikey hair for this one, this Spike skin isn’t half bad. And while there’s no way we can make a blocky Minecraft skin as lanky as the original article, this representation still gets all the points across. If running and dodging mobs is your thing, Spike’s a great character to play as.

4. Piccolo

Image via SkinDex

We can’t get through an anime skin list for Minecraft without at least touching on some of the big names. Piccolo translates into Minecraft fairly easy, the design of his clothes and body being bright and colorful. He seems suited for the world you’ll translate him into, even the detail of his antennae showing through the shading that you see on the skin’s forehead.

3. Goku

Image via SkinDex

If you’re fighting with friends in Minecraft, equipping a Goku skin can hype things up. While it may not improve your Minecraft combat skills any better, it is a rad skin to have for any DBZ fan. Everything from the pixellated muscles to the way the robes are on Goku is detailed shading-wise. While there’s no spiky hair to speak of, everything else is quite on model.

2. Deku

Image via SkinDex

If you’re a fan of My Hero Academia, this is a great skin to rumble in. It has Deku’s hero outfit down to a T, with shading on the front and back, making it look as accurate as possible. Even his easy-to-draw iconic red sneakers are part of the deal, and stand out just as much as they do in the series. His hair is pretty detailed for a Minecraft character, with clear attempts to emphasize the curly-ness all in the spritework.

1. Bakugo

Image via SkinDex

Taking the number one spot right where he belongs is Bakugo, the second main character of My Hero Academia. This skin features his standard getup, although, with the lack of spikes in his hair, you would think Best Jeanist got a hold of him before he was uploaded to SkinDex. Everything from his killer kneepads to the X on his chest is accurate to how his real hero costume looks.

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