Best Funko Pop 2023 Black Friday Deals for November

Shopping for a gamer and Funko Pop enthusiast this holiday season? We’ve got you covered with some great sales on game-related Funkos

Funko Pop Gifts

Image via Funko Pop

Funko Pops are popular collector’s items for fans of all kinds, including video game enthusiasts. This Black Friday, you can snag some great video games, Funko Pops, on sale as gifts for the gamer in your life.

Whether your own gaming nook needs some flair or you’re shopping for someone who’s into video games, Funko Pops is a great option for gifts during the holidays. Better yet, you can snag them on sale during November’s monthlong Black Friday marathon. Here are some of the best Funko Pop sales to take advantage of for 2023.

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Vaporeon or Flareon

Pokemon Funko Pops Eevee
Image via Funko Pop Pokemon

If you know a Pokemon fan who can’t get enough of Eevee and its many evolutions, there are a couple of different Eevelutions on sale this November.

You can get this adorable Vaporeon Funko Pop from Hot Topic during their early Black Friday sale. You can get 20% off the $12.50 price for this Funko, which is a great gift for the gamer who always waited for a water stone to evolve their Eevee (it’s me, I’m that gamer).

Vaporeon Funko Pop Sale at Hot Topic

You can also get a deal on Eevee’s firey form, Flareon, though sadly, it’s not marked down quite as much as Vaporeon. Target has the Flareon Funko on sale for $14.99 through their early Black Friday deals.

Flareon Funko Pop Sale at Target

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Party

Honor Among Thieves Funkos
Image via Funko Pop Dungeons & Dragons

For the Dungeons & Dragons fan who enjoyed the movie, these tie-in Funko pops of the iconic party members would make a great gift. You can snag reduced-price Funkos of Holga, Edgin, or Simon for the reduced price of $7.99 right now at FYE.

Doric’s Funko is also on sale, but apparently, my fave is everyone’s fave because the Tiefling Druid will still run you $11.89.

Dungeons & Dragons Honor Among Thieves Funko Sale at FYE

Crypto from Apex Legends

Apex Funko Pop
Image via Funko Pop Games

If you’ve got an Apex Legends fan on your list for holiday gifts this year, we’ve got a deal on Crypto from the game. You can get a Funko Pop of Crypto through Target’s Black Friday sale on the brand, bringing the price to $15.19.

Crypto Funko Pop Sale at Target

Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander

Pokemon Starters Funko Pops
Image via Funko Pop Pokemon

You can’t get all three starters on sale at the same place, but we’ve got Black Friday deals on these three originals for you.

For the Pokemon Fan who always picked this water-type starter, you can grab a Squirtle Funko Pop for 12% off as part of Amazon’s early Black Friday deals this November. The sale price makes this adorable Squirtle Funko Pop $14.99.

Squirtle Funko Pop Sale at Amazon

As for grass-type Bulbasaur and fire-type Charmander, these are both on sale as part of Target’s early Black Friday deals. You can grab Bulbasaur or Charmander from Target’s website for $14.99.

Bulbasaur and Charmander Funko Pop Sale at Target

The Witcher (TV Version)

Funko Pop Witcher
Image via Funko Pop Netflix

Got a Witcher fan who’s still mourning the loss of Henry Cavill as the TV rendition of this video game hero? You can snag them a Funko Pop version of TV’s The Witcher on sale at Hot Topic right now for 20% off the $12.50 price.

The Witcher Funko Pop Sale at Hot Topic

Spider-Man (From Captain America: Civil War)

Spider-Man Funko
Image via Funko Pop Marvel

If you’re looking for a gift for someone who won’t stop talking about how great Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 was, why not surprise them with a Funko version of the webslinger himself? This on-sale edition features Peter Parker’s Spider-Man as seen in Civil War, but it’s close enough to fit the ticket for a Spider-Man fan who loved the game. Currently, this one is 16% off the list price as part of early Black Friday sales, so Funko Spider-Man will cost you $12.60.

Spider-Man Funko Pop Sale at Amazon

Hello Kitty

Funko Pop Hello Kitty
Image via Funko Pop Hello Kitty and Friends

For the cozy gamer in your life who can’t get enough of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, we’ve got a Funko Pop to fit the bill. This adorable Hello Kitty Hot Topic exclusive Funko is on sale for 20% off the price of $15.90.

Hello Kitty Funko Pop Sale at Hot Topic


Funko Voldemort
Image via Funko Pop Harry Potter

We all know someone who can’t resist the Avada Kevadra Hogwarts Legacy memes floating around, and this person really needs a Voldemort Funko Pop to show off their dark side. Right now, you can snag a deal on the Voldemort Funko Pop at Target, meaning you can snag the Dark Lord for just $14.99.

Voldemort Funko Pop Sale at Target

Disney Princess Bitty Pops

Disney Bitty Pop
Image via Funko Bitty Pop Disney

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans would love to bring their friendships with the princesses out into the open by displaying these bitty pops. You can get a pack of four adorable miniature Disney Princess pops on sale right now at Hot Topic for 20% off the price of $16.90.

Disney Princess Bitty Pops Sale at Hot Topic

Gandalf the Grey

Funko Pop Gandalf
Image via Funko Pop Lord of the Rings

This Funko Pop gift is never early, nor is it late. It arrives exactly when it means to, and it makes a great gift for someone who’s been busy with the latest Lord of the Rings video game installment, Return to Moria. Gandalf the Grey is on sale at Target for $14.99.

Gandalf Funko Pop Sale at Target

With a wide variety of sales on all kinds of gaming-themed Funko Pops, there’s plenty to choose from for every gamer on your shopping list this November, especially if that gamer is you.