Top 10 Best Funny Roblox Games

Let the fun times begin.

Image via Roblox Corporation

If you are looking to expand your horizons and play games that provide a lighthearted and enjoyable gaming experience, you might want to try funny Roblox games. These games are designed to entertain and bring laughter to players. They often feature humorous elements, unexpected scenarios, and comedic interactions and could be great for blowing some steam. Although plenty of fun games are available on the Roblox platform, we are listing the ten best ones to play.

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Devious Lick Simulator

Image via Roblox Corporation

Devious Lick simulator is one of the best games to enjoy with friends. It has a simple objective where you need to find and sell the most expensive items, which will grant you cash. You have to use cash to buy items before anyone else. That said, the funny situation arises when you steal an object and others chase you, leading to utter chaos.

Escape the Evil Dentist

Image via Roblox Corporation

Similar to Troll Obby, the objective of Escape the Evil Dentist is a Roblox game where players must solve puzzles and overcome obstacles to escape from a dental office. The game incorporates dental-themed elements and challenges, such as finding hidden objects, solving riddles, and navigating through mazes. It is a fun-filled game that will keep players on their toes throughout the journey.

Hide and Seek Extreme

Image via Roblox Corporation

Players are split into two teams, hiders and seekers, per the classic hide-and-seek rules. While the searchers strive to find and tag them before time runs out, the hiders must select cunning hiding spots on the map. Ofcourse, whether real life or virtual, hide-and-seek brings joy to everyone, and the interactions in the game are often hilarious, to say the least.


Image via Roblox Corporation

You can play either a criminal or a police officer in Jailbreak. Your objective as a criminal is to escape from prison, rob banks, and carry out other unlawful actions. In contrast, your goal as a police officer is to uphold law and order by apprehending criminals and averting robberies.

The combination of humour, role-playing, and action in Jailbreak has made it one of the most popular Roblox games.


Image via Roblox Corporation

MeepCity acts as a meeting place for gamers to socialize and engage with others in an online setting. Together, you can go exploring different places, including neighbourhoods, parks, and stores. There are plenty of mini-games to try in MeepCity, such as fishing, racing, and even participating in dance competitions. Overall, whether you want to adopt and care for Meeps, customize your house, play mini-games, or simply hang out with friends, MeepCity provides a vibrant and interactive virtual world to explore.

Mad City

Image via Roblox Corporation

Players in Mad City have the option to play as a superhero or a supervillain. Each function has special skills, equipment, and vehicles. Mad City’s open-world design frequently results in awkward circumstances when players, heroes or villains, have absurd interactions. High-speed chases, unpredictably fought fights, and amusing player exchanges are just a few examples of these encounters.

Mega Noob Simulator

Image via Roblox corporation

Mega Noob Simulator perfectly reflects the journey of any player in a new game; You start as a noob and make your way to the top. While your journey includes hard training and gaining strength, the several Internet meme innuendos in the game make the overall experience hilarious.

Punch a Friend

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Nothing can get funnier than punching an NPC, which is supposedly your friend, on repeat. Although the game does not possess intricate challenges, it’s one of the best ones out there if you are just looking to relax. You can train to gain strength, collect pets, and obviously punch NPCs to oblivion.

Troll Obby

Image via Roblox Corporation

In Troll Obby, players must navigate challenging levels filled with cleverly designed traps and tricks. The game’s humour comes from surprises, deceptive obstacles, and the reactions of players who fall victim to the troll elements. It offers multiplayer interaction, where players can collaborate or compete, adding to the amusement.

Wacky Wizards

Screenshot via Gamepur

Not only is Wacky Wizards utterly funny, it encourages creativity and experimentation, allowing players to combine different ingredients to discover new potion recipes and effects. The game embraces a light-hearted and humorous tone. It features whimsical and exaggerated elements, such as bizarre ingredients, comical animations, and playful sound effects.