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The 10 Best Roblox Horror Games (2023)

Some spooky titles to keep you from sleeping at night.

Roblox gives budding game developers a chance to create almost any kind of game that they want. With more than 40 million games on the platform, finding the best of the best can be challenging. Many games on Roblox can fit the bill if you’re in the mood for a horror game. Here are our picks for the best horror games on Roblox to keep you afraid to turn out the lights.

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While many games on Roblox are simple and forgettable, there are also some real gems on the platform. Whether you’re a horror pro or are still a bit squeamish, these titles will give you plenty to keep you awake at night. Like most horror games, many of these games are intended for a more mature audience, so bear that in mind when playing.

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What are the 10 best Roblox Horror Games?

Alone in a Dark House

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For the past few years, Alone in a Dark House has been one of the scariest games on Roblox, continually bringing in new players. Players step into the role of a private investigator exploring an abandoned house. The atmospheric horror here is brilliantly balanced as you discover the strange secrets about the family who previously called that house a home. The lighting effects here are very well done, never letting players see everything for fear of ruining the spooky feeling.


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Backrooms games are pretty common on Roblox, but Apeirophobia takes it to another level. These are titles that deliver their fear by offering an experience that is just slightly off from what players expect, creating an unsettling and tense game rather than relying on jump scares or dialogue. Apeirophobia by Polaroid Studios allows players to explore a seemingly innocent yet subtly sinister world in the best Backrooms game available on Roblox.

Dead Silence

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This is easily one of the terrifying games on Roblox. Dead Silence is a horror game where you’ll learn about the legend of Mary and work with three other players, or you can choose to undergo this adventure by yourself while investigating the house. You’ll cover every inch of the small, haunted home to learn the mystery, and you can expect to share plenty of screams with all your friends.


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Hotels are always creepy, especially when night falls on their halls. The horror game Doors offers a frightening hotel experience, complete with an almost endless hallway of doors to open. Behind many of the entries are creatures waiting to jump out to provide a quick scare to players, but others offer answers about how this hotel came to be and who is pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Flee the Facility

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Flee the Facility is based on the fictional universe surrounding the SCP Foundation, which houses and investigates everything that goes bump at night. Players must leave the SCP headquarters in the wake of a containment breach. The gameplay in Flee the Facility takes cues from survivor horror staples like Dead by Daylight. Players take control of survivors and must work together to unlock the exits before they’re found and frozen by one of the game’s Beast players.


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The story behind the Geisha adventure is you wake up stranded in a forest and stumble upon an empty house. You’ll be on the search to find your lost family, but there are spirits in the area that are attempting to get rid of you while you explore and try to find your family. You’ll need to combat these many spirits, all while searching for your family.

Infectious Smile

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Most zombie games depict the undead as shambling, joyless abominations, but Infectious Smile has taken a different approach. Players must flee smilers, creepy creatures with an unsettling grin. If you get caught by them, you’ll either need to fight your way out of their grasp or hope that a teammate is nearby to help you out. Stay in the understanding of a smiler for too long, and you’ll be wearing that same grin as you try to infect your former teammates.


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This is another Roblox game that relies heavily on tension to deliver its scares. Kalampokiphobia is the clinical term for fear of corn, which makes sense when you see that this game is set in a winding, disorienting corn maze. Pursued constantly by a strange stalker, there is the right balance between tension-building and jump scares to deliver one of the most addictive horror games on Roblox.


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Panik will have you working your way through a supermarket after dark, trying to get as many items on your shopping list while a malfunctioning robot chases you and turns your character into rice pudding. It is a highly stress-inducing Roblox game where you turn a corner and be confronted by your mechanical foe, forcing you to abandon whatever item you were looking for in hopes of getting away alive.

Scary Elevator

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If you’ve ever wanted to see how long you could survive against some of the most popular figures in horror, here is your chance. Scary Elevator includes homages to characters like Pennywise, Slenderman, and Freddy Fazbear. There is even a sinister version of Peppa Pig to contend with. Scary Elevator is a unique Roblox Game where you travel down each level in the titular Elevator and get ready to flee from whichever of the frightening figures has spawned on that floor.

The Mimic

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Most horror games are best played as a single-player experience, but The Mimic proves that sometimes fear is best shared with others. Join up with friends or strangers to work your way through the game’s chapters, but be prepared to look out for your allies. While there are a lot of jump scares in this game, the real highlight is the sound design. This game is best played with headphones to take advantage of the atmospheric music and sound effects.

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