The Best Gifts for Gamers $50 and Under


Want to nab a great gift for the gamers in your life, but also don’t want to break the bank? Not to worry, there are a variety of options available that won’t set you back too far.

With these gift suggestions, you’ll win them over and still have moolah left to invest in some snacks for the holidays. (Or, hey, maybe even a few games for yourself.)

Numskull Christmas Jumpers

Street Fighter jumper

Looking to get into the holiday spirit but don’t want to wear that ugly-as-sin fleece that your aunt got you back in your college days? Turn to Numskull and its impressive line-up of gaming-themed Christmas sweaters. These include favorites like Fallout, Sonic, Skyrim, Destiny, Xbox, PlayStation, and, as pictured above, the awesome Street Fighter.

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Doom Deluxe Double Vinyl Record

Doom album cover

Although it may be true that we don’t have Doom Eternal to get us through the holidays, Bethesda Gear has more than enough awesome stuff from the series to go around. This includes a limited edition Doom vinyl album set, with 20 tracks from the series to rock out to while you’re laying waste to demons within the game.

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Overwatch Monopoly Board Game

Overwatch Monopoly

First off, no one, and we do mean no one, tells Tracer she can’t pass Go. Secondly, this variation of the classic board game, crafted around the world of Blizzard’s Overwatch, is a great deal of fun. It’s based around the rules of the video game, but with the classic Monopoly style in mind. And with collectible figures, and a reasonable price tag, it can’t be beat.

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Jinx Collectible Shirts

Jinx Rocket League tee

Ready to show off your nerdom with pride? Then turn to Jinx this holiday season, with a wide assortment of gaming-themed T-shirts, hoodies, and other wearable goods featuring the likes of Rocket League, The Witcher 3, and PUBG, among others. With a variety of designs to choose from, and prices that are pretty affordable, there’s something at the Jinx shop for everyone’s gaming tastes—not to mention entire lines of clothes dedicated to World of Warcraft, Overwatch, and Minecraft.

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Nintendo Game Boy Gift Set

Gameboy gift set

Have someone in your life who appreciates the classic side of gaming? Then the Nintendo Game Boy Gift Set will do the trick, outside of gifting an actual Game Boy itself. Featuring a collectible notebook, a dolomite mug with Game Boy design, and a Metal Game Boy bottle opener, it’s packed with nostalgia for the retro handheld.