Best horses in Star Stable

The few best amongst all.

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Although several varieties of horses are available in Star Stable, some are simply better than the rest. To help players pick the suitable horses for their stable, we’ve put together a list of the top five horses in the game in alphabetical order.

American Paint Horses

The striking and exquisite coat patterns of the Paint horse are the breed’s most distinctive attribute. These patterns are made up of a mix of white and another coat color and can vary greatly; thus, no two Paint horses are the same. Although these horses are generally associated with Western Pleasure and barrel racing, they also excel at English pleasure, equitation, and show jumping.

American Quarter Horse

American Quater Horse is the most commonly found breed in star stable with over 3 million population. They are swift and excel at short-distance races. Additionally, they have a calm temperament and are easy to manage and befriend.

Arabian Horses

Arabian Horses are one of the most popular and commonly used breeds in Star Stable. They are easy to handle, energetic, and generally friendly. They are capable of performing a special move called Walking Rear, which can be done by pressing the spacebar while standing still.

Gotland Ponies

Native to the Swedish island of Gotland, these have been present since prehistoric times. Although small in size, these ponies are unmatched in the equestrian worldThe Gotland Pony is a tough breed with a long history of dependable labor. They are great companions and can scale long distances just for a patch of grass.

Jorvik Wild Horses

Jorvik Wild Horses are the true alpha of nature. Long before any human stepped foot on Jorvik, they controlled the land and thrived in the untamed wilderness, fueled by the abundance of Pandoric energy. The Jorvik Wild have a unique manner of socializing, and they are acutely aware of a person’s aura as perceptive creatures. If you’re lucky enough to bond with a Jorvik Wild, you’ll learn that they’re gregarious creatures who thrive when people surround them.