Best IVs for Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Go

The best IVs for a shadow Lugia.

Image via Niantic

The IVs for your Pokémon matter quite a bit in Pokémon Go. You want to make sure you catch a Pokémon with the best chances to have the highest amount of attack, defense, and stamina stats available to it, especially for Pokémon you plan to use against other players in PvP. So these are the best IVs you want to use for Shadow Lugia in Pokémon Go.

When it comes to Shadow Lugia, you’ll primarily be using it in the Ultra and Master League. You can use it in the Great League, but there are better legendary Pokémon that you can use here with a lower maximum CP than Lugia.

For the Ultra League, shadow Lugia will want to have these optimal VIs during these battles.

  • Attack: 3
  • Defense: 12
  • Stamina: 14

Lugia’s attack will receive a boost as a shadow Pokémon. Because of the boost, you’ll want to give it as much defense and stamina as you can catch one. The more defense and stamina it has in the Ultra League, the longer it will endure. A robust Pokémon can be tough to defeat, especially in the Ultra League.

For the Master League, shadow Lugia will need to be the best of the best. As such, its IVs will need to be entirely maxed out with 15s across every stat. Like any Pokémon in the Master League, there is no maximum CP restriction, meaning a Pokémon can be as powerful as it can be in these battles. A shadow Lugia with full attack, defense, and stamina stats will be exceptionally difficult to defeat, especially as a shadow.