5 Best landing spots in Rebirth Island for Call of Duty: Warzone

Breaking down the best parts of the new map.

Even with only 40 players, Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island isn’t always generous with its weapons and other useful materials. There will be times when you’ll need to go for a couple of minutes without anything but a pistol. To lessen the chance of this, here are a few spots your squad should highly consider.

Prison Block

Image via Activision

Quite honestly, most games played on Rebirth Island are essentially King of the Hill, with Prison Block being the hill. As the building stands on the map’s highest point, those peering down from its windows or roof will have almost a complete view of every other location on the island.

However, in terms of popularity, Prison Block is a hotter destination than Verdansk’s Superstore. It wouldn’t surprise us if more than 50% of players typically drop into the area per game. Though, it’s all for a good reason, as the location is crowded with loot boxes and far more Legendary blueprints than one could dream of.

Security Area

Image via Activision

One strategy that’s always proved beneficial in Warzone is to head to a location with decent loot and a fast getaway vehicle. Thus, you won’t have to fear for your life right away. Security Area delivers on that feeling of comfort, as there’s just enough base weapons to go around and a torrent-equipped chopper.

If you’re interested in this strategy, we advise you don’t go far from the helicopter. The reason being, there tend to be a few enemy groups that wonder into Security Area from Living Quarter’s tents. So, it’s smart to grab what you need, head to the chopper, and mow down enemies coming from that direction.


Image via Activision

We cannot help but think this is the most underrated spot on the island, at least for those comfortable with a little action. As it’s tucked in between populated areas like Decon Zone and Construction Site, Shore does offer a challenge to those trying to head elsewhere. Though, the loot is unquestionably to die for.

Near the coast, there are a pair of docks you’ll want to drop on right away. On each one, there always seems to be at least two worthwhile loot boxes and a few rare blueprints out in the open.

Living Quarters

Image via Activision

The island may be small, but that doesn’t mean each place will be overly abundant with enemies. Although it may not be on top of a massive hill, Living Quarters is a quiet, rarely-visited area that’s home to a few supply boxes, along with tons of common and rare blueprints.

If the location remains with the circle, it’s worth taking time to explore its tall, sniper-friendly lighthouse. From what we’ve seen, there are already a few long-range weapons waiting for you at the bottom floor and a few squads camping nearby roofs practically begging to be sniped.

Bioweapons Labs

Image via Activision

Likely the second-best area in terms of loot, Bioweapons Labs can be seen as a bit-sized Prison Block that surely is neglected by most players. As it’s the furthest place to the north, this secluded building is usually the last location the plane hovers over. So, expect some peace and quiet – for a short time.

Bioweapon Labs does suffer from the same problem Security Area has. As you can only go south from there, those being forced out of the location by gas will be heading into the riskiest areas: Decon Zone and Prison Block. When leaving, be sure to tread along the coast, as it certainly gives you the highest chance for survival.