Best loud Roblox music IDs

Craving some music in Roblox?

Image via Roblox corporation

Playing Roblox games repeatedly and performing the same action, again and again, can get mundane after a while. To brighten things up, players can use the below-mentioned song IDs for listening to loud music while playing Roblox. There are a plethora of music tracks available that can be played on any Roblox game.

  • COSMIC – Beat Slayer- 643297811
  • Cringey Recorder Song- 454451340
  • Dance Monkey- 4517047588
  • Dubstep Remix- 130762736
  • Eminem- I’m Not Afraid- 131149175
  • SpongeBob Theme (Loud Ver)- 318925857
  • Ear Exploder- 338005348
  • FUS RO DAH!!!- 130776150
  • How To Save A Life (Bass Boosted)- 727844285
  • ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED (MLG Sound Effects)- 485725775
  • Jack U x Ekali x Gravez (Mind Karol Tip Edit)- 643341873
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Pillar Men Theme)- 627848963
  • Kikuo – Love me, Love me, Love me- 535308988
  • MLG – Killcam- 179497874
  • Nightcore – Titanium- 398159550
  • Revenge (Minecraft Music)- 3807239428
  • Sad Violin (Loud Version)- 285334243
  • Screaming Man- 271550300
  • Super Mario Remix- 203551205
  • Thomas The Train Remix Trap- 642935512
  • Ten Million Roblox Players- 968019590
  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (JVH-C remix)- 290176752
  • YOU ARE A PIRATE!- 130774314

To use Music IDs in Roblox, you need to own a boombox. A boombox can be bought from the official shop using Robux, which is the in-game currency. Once you have purchased the boombox, simply launch any Roblox game and click on the boombox icon. A new window will open where you need to enter the music ID, and the corresponding song will start playing.