Minecraft: Top 5 Best Desert Biome Seeds in MC

Make sure to bring some water.

If you’re looking to explore a particular Minecraft biome, you might want to produce a specific world seed to have it appear. The world seed will always be different when you open up a world. However, if you’re looking for a specific one, you spawn a world that another person shares to have a replica of it on your device. It’s a replica because it contains all of the same generated pieces but nothing another player made. Those will be unique to someone else’s world. We’re going to breakdown some of the best desert seeds you can find in Minecraft, giving you the chance to play in the sand and explore a wasteland with your imagination.

Eternal desert

Seed: 7890

This won’t be a challenging enviornment in Minecraft. The desert takes up a good chunk of the map, but you can find plenty of smaller biomes hidden around it. When we first spawned in, we were in the middle of a forest, giving us plenty of opportunities regarding where to survive. If you’d like to try your hand at seeing if you can survive in a desert, this seed is a good idea, but don’t go in expecting to find only a desert biome.

Fish Filled Desert

Screenshot by Gamepur

Seed: 2918

This desert has a bit more life to it than some others. When you spawn on the map, you start in a temperate, lush forest that makes you think you don’t have a desert at all. There’s even a village nearby you can take advantage of for your own use, or to mingle with the residents. When you’re ready to start wandering around, there’s a desert not too far away that you can explore, giving you the chance to find any hidden temples somewhere in the wastes. You can always return to the starting point to go fishing, and gather up supplies be adventuring into the desert.

Freezing Desolate Desert

Seed: -1643451968

This is another blended desert biome where you’ll have the chance to explore the snowy mountains, or investigate the desert temples. These two locations are separated by a large sea, so you will be ble to find plenty of fish or other wildlife that you can survive on. There are also a few forest biomes here and there, giving you a bit more variety and some room to play in for where you want to place down your home.

Loot the Desert Temple

Seed: -803365490736064

Another desert for your collection, there will be a desert temple not too far away from when you spawn into this world. You’ll be able to explore it to loot the location for all of its hidden treasures. There’s also a village pretty close to it that you’ll be able to make use of by turning into your new base, or by grabbing whatever materials you need to take with you to set up elsewhere. It’s a decent starting point inside one of the harsher

Mix and Mash Desert

Seed: 1168863261

This desert has a little bit of everything rolled into one. While this seed does feature a large desert wasteland for you to explore, there are also several locations where you can have the lush green trees mixed that give you a little bit of color in your harsh wasteland. If you want a bit more color thrown in, there’s also some lava for good measure, making it a bright red, heated landscape. You can have a bit of fun exploring the mixed environment, especially if you want a larger desert biome, but have the choice to not always play in the sand.