Best Minecraft Diamond Seeds

Grab your Pickaxe, Diamond Ore awaits.

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Diamonds in Minecraft are one of the rarest and essential resources in the game, primarily used to craft high-tier tools, armor, weapons, enchanting tables, and more.

Since Diamonds are so precious, they can be challenging to stumble upon in the world of Minecraft. However, we have you covered, showcasing the top Diamond Seed locations in Minecraft, where the desired gemstones are plentiful and the areas beautiful — awaiting your exploration. Typically, Diamonds are obtained from Diamond Ore (blocks) or Loot Chests. Keep in mind that digging and searching around within most of these Seeds is expected, so be sure to practice patience and persistence. Also, this list features Seeds that work with Minecraft Java Edition.

Buried Treasure

Seed: -461078946825570778

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Here’s a fun one — netting you various precious goodies. This seed location is home to scattered, buried treasure chests containing Diamonds, Gold Ingot, Crystals, and many other awesome loots. The following coordinates will grant you a jump start to one of the concealed treasure spots; simply dig directly below.

Coordinates: 105 60 169

Complex Cave

Seed: -6959476951899901279

Screenshot by Gamepur

You’re going to be starting off this seed within a cozy, quaint little village. Nearby and deep underground, features numerous small cave arteries that twist and turn in various directions. With a little bit of exploration, you’re sure to stumble upon some Diamond Ore.

Diamond Cave

Seed: 3937483735383523698

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Seed starts you off on a small island, and plugging in the coordinates below teleports you into a cramped cave, surrounded by flowing Lava. Precious Diamond ore is right before your eyes, all for the taking.

Coordinates: -142 11 786

Forest Cave

Seed: 5109281423434314902

Screenshot by Gamepur

Another Seed that plops you in a lush, modest forest. Deep underground, and not too far away, is Diamond Ore waiting to be discovered. Enter the following coordinates, which will place you in a confined, underground cave. Diamond Ore is situated in this general area, requiring some locating.

Ravine Cave

Seed: -7629372319681445308

Screenshot by Gamepur

This Seed lands you in the middle of a dense ravine and found right nearby, lives a narrow, deep cave, with Lava pouring down inside of it. Head on down to discover precious Diamond ore. You’ll have to do some digging to locate it, though. So, if you don’t mind diving deep underground, this Seed is for you.