The top 10 best Minecraft minigame servers, ranked

Which servers are the best for playing mini games in Minecraft?

If you’re looking for the best places to go in Minecraft for some light-hearted, easy fun, then these servers are perfect for you. These servers are host to the most popular mini-games in Minecraft and cover all kinds of gameplay styles and events. Better yet, they are all heavily populated so that you never have to worry about experiencing these mini-games alone.

These rankings are based on server population and the consistency of players being in the server at any given time.

10. SonOyuncu Network

This Medieval-themed server is run out of Turkey and comes with just about everything you could wish to do, with plenty of mini-games for you to take on with your friends and anyone else you want to play with.

9. TheArchon

TheArchon gives you a good amount of mini-games to do, and boasts a good selection of game modes, including Skyblock, Factions, Prison, and Robbery.

8. Minefun

The two things this server boasts about are its Skyblock and Survival modes. Both of these modes gives you plenty of things to do and other mini-games to take part in as you go.


This server serves to be a 100% Survival server that has a dedicated team of moderators to keep it free of any griefers. The server is huge and with so many players involved, there are plenty of mini-games for you to play with.

6. PikaNetwork

PikaNetwork has just about every game mode you could think of for Minecraft, and as a result, has plenty of creativity available for mini-games. It even boasts mini-games as part of its content alongside the plethora of game modes you can play.

5. JartexNetwork

Another server with everything you could want to do in the game, including mini-games to dive into. You want to play it? This server has it.

4. Minecraft Central

We have had this server on other lists before which tells you just how much there is to do on it, including the mini-games. Hide and Seek is our personal favorite.

3. ManaCube

Started in 2013, ManaCube continues to be a powerhouse of a server and it comes with all the game modes and mini-games you want.

2. CraftRise

Another Turkish server, CraftRise is packed full of games to play with your friends — and enemies.

1. Datblock

Take on the classics like BedWars and SkyWars, in addition to the several different game modes available. All with a friendly community that is moderated by a good team of players.