The best Minecraft modpacks

Adjust your Minecraft experience with these modpacks with tons of new features.

Image via Mojang

Minecraft is one of those games with nearly unlimited content, and nothing represents that more than the thriving mod community for it. There’s a mod for almost everything out there, but it can be kind of annoying to install each mod you want piecemeal. That’s where modpacks come in.

Just like how there is a mod for everything, there is a mod for everyone: tech mods, space travel, magic, monsters, quests, and RPG elements, and even anime-themed mods that are often quite well-detailed. If you can think of it, there is likely a well-made mod connected to the idea. Here are the best modpacks for Minecraft we have found around the internet.

All the Mods 5

Image via All the Mods 5


While not really containing every single mod ever, All the Mods contains well over 200 popular mods that have been designed to work together. While containing well-known mods, there are also new and upcoming mods that some people would not generally think about giving a try otherwise. This pack sets the example that you can value both quality and quantity at the same time.

Crazy Craft

Image via Voids Wrath


Crazy Craft plans to create a chaotic Minecraft experience for you. Whatever you may think about the base game does not apply here. This version of the modpack is dedicated to adhering to everyone’s different playstyles by allowing for more customization. Many favorite mods from past versions of Crazy Craft return in this pack including Orespawn. This modpack will definitely keep you on your toes.

Farming Valley

Image via Farming Valley


Fans of Harvest Moon and Stardew Valley will want to consider downloading this modpack. You will be tasked with building and maintaining a farm and small community while harvesting and trading resources with NPCs. As the seasons change, you need to adjust your strategy and focus on farming different crops across the year and survive without having the ability to craft anything.


Image via Hexxit


Heavily inspired by campaigns introduced in Dungeon & Dragons, Hexxit brings you a massive RPG experience with 55 mods in total. Exploration is encouraged as you travel through dungeons and take on various enemies. The general Minecraft experience is completely changed up with damage indicators, legendary gear, and much more to give that fantasy experience.

MC Eternal

Image via MC Eternal


MC Eternal is a giant modpack that includes over 750 different quests, mobs, and tons of secrets for you to explore. You can create cities, factories, explore dungeons, and much more in this heavy RPG-inspired set of mods. If you want to have an expansive Minecraft experience, MC Eternal will keep you busy for a long time.

Pixelmon Reforged

Image via Pixelmon Reforged


With Minecraft’s vast, expansive worlds, it only makes sense that Pokémon mods would appear. In this modpack, your favorite pocket monsters appear in the wild for you to catch, battle, and evolve to become the best like no one ever was. With each update, more Pokémon are added (even legendaries), along with other favorite features from the mainline series of games. There is even a GameShark mod included, giving you the chance to cheat and adjust the experience.


Image via RLCraft


“You’re going to die… a lot,” is the message the creator of the RLCraft modpack has for anyone looking to download this set of mods. Each one is designed to work with everything else in the pack to create a challenging and realistic survival experience in Minecraft. New mobs, temperature requirements, and hydration survival needs are only a few of the new aspects added in RLCraft that will challenge your survival needs.

SkyFactory 4

Image via Duncan Geere


When you start up a world in SkyFactory, you are placed in a completely empty void, except for a single tree you spawn on top of. Your job is to use what resources you have available to take that tree and grow your available land to create a factory built in the sky. The fourth iteration of the modpack has also done away with the long wait it used to take for gathering certain resources, as what you need will literally grow on trees.

Space Astronomy 2

Image via Space Astronomy 2


As you might expect, the Space Astronomy 2 modpack is centered on space exploration. Build rockets, explore alien planets, and assemble complicated astronomical devices including jetpacks. This is a great pack of mods for anyone looking to get into the nitty-gritty of outer space adventures and conquests.

Valhesia 3

Image via Valhesia 3


We have included a lot of mods in this list that completely change the Minecraft experience, but Valhesia is more dedicated to the player who just wants more of the classic experience. With more biomes, decorative blocks, new armor and buildings, and plenty more, this modpack will continue to build on what you love about the game while bringing new aspects to it.