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Top 10 Best Minecraft Ocean Biome Seeds

Bring your eyepatch and captain's hat for this one.

Minecraft offers players a diverse range of biomes to explore, from serene plains and enchanting forests to mysterious underground caverns, frozen tundras, and lush jungles. However, it seems that not enough adventurers appreciate the wonders that lie within the vast ocean realms. If you possess a deep love for the endless blue expanse, yearn to uncover hidden treasures as a pirate, embrace the essence of Atlantis, or embark on daring voyages as a skilled navigator, then look no further. We present to you our meticulously curated selection of the best ocean world seeds in Minecraft, tailored for both the Bedrock and Java versions of the game.

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The ten best ocean world seeds for Bedrock and Java Minecraft

Seed 16168578308577864

This is a fun ocean world seed for all enterprising divers in Minecraft. You spawn near a few shipwrecks, with plenty of riches dotting the ocean bed. Just a bit further north you can find glaciers if you fancy a chillier environment, but if you remain in the ocean near spawn, you will find submerged ruins and even more shipwrecks.

Seed 8130987010037569658

If you love corals and decorating with them, then give this particular world seed a go. You start on a small but rich island where you can build your dream paradise home. There are enough resources to get you going, but the real kicker is the plentiful coral reefs in the ocean all around the island. 

Seed 4060839488929676108

If you’re looking for a quick-start ocean option, this seed will provide that and more. In this seed, you will spawn on a fairly large island, which houses no less than three separate villages. You can explore, build, and loot to your heart’s content. Or you can build and merge them into a true island city from which to launch your own nautical kingdom. 

Seed 630244794

In this seed, you will be starting out on a coast. But if you make it over the waters, you will find two mushroom islands not too far away. There is plenty of wood on the coast, so making a raft or a boat will be easy to do, and from there, it’s just a short sail until you’re the proud owner of all the mushrooms you’ll ever need. To spice it up, there’s even a submerged monument between the two islands, so plan a diving trip as well.

Seed 816802188

What if there was a mountain jutting out from the ocean? Well, this seed will let you find out exactly that. You spawn on the said mountain, with some basic resources around you but not much else. Then you have to make a choice — explore the surrounding ocean and shipwrecks and ruins in it, or go through the mountain to get to the lush cave network that runs underneath it. Whichever you choose, it’ll be a fun challenge nonetheless. 

Seed 3287179784689184299

Although this seed spawns you on the continent, there’s a catch. You spawn near a coast, with a village nearby and a view of the ocean. If you delve there, you will find riches beyond imagining. That’s because the ocean off the coast is teeming with adventuring opportunities. We’re talking numerous ruins, shipwrecks, ocean monuments, underwater cave systems, and more. Set up a base on the coast and become a career treasure diver.

Seed 896210188

For a more classic approach, you can give this seed a try. It will spawn you on a beautiful coast with a great ocean view. The area around you is filled with resources and stunning locales, and there’s even a large cave filled with glow berries. You can build a retreat for yourself and then set off onto the seas to explore the world.

Seed 1317443793

Now for something completely different — how about a frozen ocean? In this seed, you will spawn on a plate of ice, where the waters are perpetually frozen. Icebergs and shipwrecks dot the landscape, and snow is a constant nuisance. Be careful not to break the ice though, as you’ll soon find yourself in freezing waters. This seed is clearly meant for those with an arctic ocean adventure in mind.

Seed 42069

This seed has a very peculiar oddity. When you get to the nearby village, you will see that in the middle of the ocean, there’s an old stronghold, most of which is submerged. You can go and try to explore the stronghold while using the village as your base, or even go full-on Atlantean, and try to claim it as your own.

Seed 1858788529

We’ve saved the best for last. Or worst, depending on your perspective. This seed spawns you on a small island in the middle of the ocean. The island has nothing on it save a few sheep. All around you is water, as far as the eye can see. If you love a true challenge and test of Minecraft survival skills in the ocean, this is the perfect seed for you.

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