The 10 best Minecraft quality of life mods

Enhance your Minecraft experience with these mods.

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Because of Minecraft’s age, some of its mechanics feel clunky and out of date at times. Quality of life mods are a great way to enhance your Minecraft experience without straying too far away from the Vanilla Experience. This guide will highlight the best Minecraft quality of life mods and what makes them so great.


This mod allows you to till your soil much faster than you normally could by adding a Plow to the game that makes tilling much more efficient. AstikorCarts also adds Transportation Carts that allow you to move large amounts of items without using your inventory.


Trading with Villagers in the base game can be clunky and frustrating. EasierVillagerTrading improves the base Villager Trading system by allowing you to click trade once to initiate a trade, Shift-click trade to trade as much as possible, and Ctrl-click trade to prepare an item before trading.


HarvestWithDispenser saves you the trouble of having to harvest all of your crops manually. Simply build a dispenser next to your crops, click a button, all of your fully grown crops will be harvested and stored in a nearby chest.

Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks has multiple functions that all make inventory management less painful. With this data pack, you can automatically replace tools that break, sort your inventory, and create useful shortcuts that speed up the time you spend on your inventory screen.


This is a simple data pack, but it’s handy if you are someone who uses Slabs often. It allows you to break only a half of a Double Slab by simply aiming at it and pickaxing it, speeding up your building process.

Mending Fix

In Vanilla Minecraft, when you pick up Experience Orbs, a random item in your inventory with Enchanted Mending will absorb the XP. This takes XP away from your Experience Bar. This mod fixes this by only allowing items that need to be repaired to be selected.

Mouse Tweaks

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Mouse Tweaks makes crafting and managing your inventory smoother and faster. It allows you to drag over a slot multiple times to put down multiple items. This replaces the standard mechanic and makes crafting items such as furnaces much faster.


OptiFine is a must-have Data Pack for anyone with a low to medium range PC. It can drastically increase your FPS by adding a ton of graphics options that aren’t in the base game, making your Minecraft experience smoother and more enjoyable.


For builders, there’s no better data pack than Schematica. This pack allows you to create outlines for objects and use them to guide your building process, similar to using tracing paper. It’s great if you are building multiple of the same structure.


Sometimes you’ll be in a situation where a Creeper sneaks up on you, you swiftly turn around to swipe it with your sword, but your sword hits the grass in front of you instead. This data pack fixes that weird interaction by allowing all weapons to easily swing through the grass and other foliage, preventing it from blocking your attacks.