Best Minecraft ravine seeds

These ravines combo well with villages and mansions.

Image via Mojang

Ravines are large, deep cracks in the ground spread all over Minecraft’s world. They can be found in oceans, rivers, mineshafts, and even villages. Apart from looking stunning, ravines also serve another purpose. They are the fastest way to get deep into the ground fast. The largest ravines can take you over 60 blocks below the surface. This guide will highlight the best ravine seeds in Minecraft and where to find them.

Coral reef

Seed: 538502489

This seed spawns you on an island directly adjacent to a massive coral reef. The coral reef has a sizeable ravine running straight through it. If you explore the ravine in its entirety, you will notice a cave system at -271/12/40 with diamonds, iron, and gold.

Savanna Village

Seed: 97016321

When you spawn into this world, head south until you reach the Savanna Village. This village has a ton of crops for you to harvest and a handful of useful traders. Under the Savanna Village, you will notice a large ravine that is about 65 blocks deep. At the bottom of the ravine, there is an Abandoned Mineshaft with multiple chests.

Through the mountain

Seed: -934547900

From the spawn, turn around, and you will notice a ravine running straight through a mountain. In this ravine, there is iron, coal, and even some gold. The ravine is further enhanced by its multiple waterfalls, some of which are lava. The surrounding area also has plentiful coal and gravel on the surface.

Blacksmith Village

Seed: 105899026

One of the most plentiful villages ever found is situated right next to this spawn. Head west towards the village in the distance, there you will find gold and iron armor in the chests. Under the ravine is a mineshaft with more gold than you can carry

Woodland Mansion

Seed: 113560767

The Woodland Mansion is the rarest structure in all of Minecraft. These mansions are full of Evokers and Vindicators but can spawn a Totem of Undying, which essentially gives you a second life. This seed spawns you directly on top of a ravine connected to a Woodland Mansion. It’s a solid start as it’s near a Blacksmith Village, and animals are plentiful.