Minecraft: Top 10 Best Survival Island Seeds in MC

Your very own island oasis awaits.

Image via Mine Guide

Minecraft offers a thrilling opportunity to put your survival skills to the test on a smaller scale: a deserted island. Picture yourself in a challenging scenario where you must gather all your resources and strategically dig underground to secure a thriving future. Harness the power of these seed codes to embark on this exhilarating adventure, proving your unwavering resilience in the face of adversity. Here are the best survival island seeds in Minecraft.

Beginner Island (Java only): -833226092

Image via 90 Second IQ Boosters

As you might have guessed, this is our recommended Survival island for anyone looking to start things out easy. A village is available on this island, meaning you can have access to many resources to give you a good head start on your journey.

Cavern Island: 1253738720

Image via Minecraft & Chill

At first glance, this is your typical small island, but explore it a little, and you will find some caverns that dig deep underground. If you do not want to do the hard labor of starting your mineshaft, you will consider this one.

Diamond Island: -4843434297086207654

Image via GameSkinny

These small islands look basic with little fanfare but dig underneath them, and you will find a horde of diamonds. Just make sure you go grab some Iron to make an Iron Pickaxe before grabbing them.

Ice Island (Java only): -7927740399004943842

Image via flamingfrogger

This village island is completed surrounded by an ice biome. We like the way this seed looks and should provide for some interesting Survival games.

Jungle Island: 107016

Image via TheIronWizard_YT

This island is set in a jungle biome, so you will have plenty of trees to get wood from. Apart from that, this is your standard island Survival experience.

Mushroom Expedition: 1671842719686901975

Image via Snakemasterepic

This seed starts you out on a basic small island with a tree that can give you access to a rowboat. Take that boat and do some exploring to come across a nearby mushroom biome spread across multiple islands as well as a village located directly next to an Ocean Monument.

Ocean Monuments for everyone: -8763532891731828401

Image via minecraft-seeds.com

If you want a real challenge, give this small island with three nearby Ocean Monuments nearby. You will have to content with constant fatigue alongside the normal low resources you get on a small island. Good luck.

Ocean Monument Village: 86597782003835593

Image via Ratt54

This seed starts you out on a village island with a very nearby Ocean Monument. Having to content with the fatigue status from that monument will add to the difficulty of mining this area.

Taiga Island (Java only): -609263012

Image via 90 Seconds IQ Boosters

This island has two villages surrounding it, a bunch of coral, livestock, and a nearby underground Stronghold. You will have plenty of access to resources to kit yourself for exploration.

Tower Island: 540952873

Image via Minecraft & Chill

This island’s main feature is the Pillager Tower included. Be sure to give yourself a fighting chance against these hostile mobs before taking them on.