The 10 best mobs in Minecraft

The best of Minecraft’s rogues gallery.

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You are going to come across plenty of hostile mobs in Minecraft as you battle for survival. All of them bring something unique to the table, from the way they can attack you to what they give you if you kill them.

You will want to know which ones are the best in the game, the ones that will give you the most out of your time, and we have our list of those mobs right here for you.


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These are one of the higher-level mobs you can fight in the game, only found in the Nether Fortresses. Be sure to use a bow to take these guys down as fast as possible. You can net yourself a Blaze Rod and a nice lump of experience when you do take one out.


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Probably the most iconic mob from the game, Creepers will be your main source of Gunpowder in the game. Despite being rather than annoying to kill, the Creepers are very useful to your adventure.


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While a rare drop with these enemies, you can get a Trident to drop or even an enchanted one. This alone makes the Drowned a great mob enemy to find in the game. They are in most water sources and can be found at any time of the day.

Ender Dragon

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Probably the second most iconic enemy behind the Creeper, the Ender Dragon is certainly one of the most difficult mobs to take down. But if you do, you will get an insane 12,000 experience for the first time. You can use bottles to get Dragon’s Breath and use it to make Lingering Potions.


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You will have to kill one of these things to get a Ghast Tear, an ingredient used in one of the best potions in the game: Regeneration+. They will only spawn in the Nether and, luckily, only need a shot from an enchanted bow.

Magma Cube

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Very similar to Slimes (which you will see later on this list), the bigger Magma Cubes can break down into smaller versions that will quickly overwhelm you, so you will want to be careful when taking them on. But if you come out on top, they drop items that are essential to Fire Resistance Potions.


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You can find these enemies during Illager raids, and they can be a formidable challenge that will do damage, and a good chunk of health to deplete. It will give you a Saddle and 20 points of experience.


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Often found in Swamp biomes and in one in ten chunks generated, layer 40 and under, Slimes are one of the only ways that you can get Slimeballs, which is a resource you will very likely want.


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Witches are going to be a common source of resources for those of you looking to brew potions. They can spawn anywhere, but you are more likely to find them in swamps. Be sure you have a solid melee attack to take these down, as their ranged attacks can be very potent.


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This mob will drop the Nether Star for you, which can be used to create beacons. These can make the entire game experience so much easier and efficient. It is a tough mob to take on thanks to its shooting wither skulls that will drain health, but it is worth it in the end.