Best Mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Game changers.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Image via Microsoft

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is quite the game, but everything gets better with mods. Here we will gather up some of the best mods for the game, allowing you to change the game in interesting or unique ways. Those flights can get long, so the more variety you have, the more enjoyable your playtime will be.

More Interesting Weather Presets

The weather in a flight simulator is pretty much a character, not just a mechanic. If you want to make things more interesting, then this is the mod for you. Weather types include blizzards, fog, freezing rain, thunderstorms, and tropical storms.

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Megapack X

A simply massive collection of liveries for all the planes in the game.

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FPS Increase

While much of this fix has actually been covered in game updates since launch, this still allows you plane specfic control of the 2D instrument refresh rate.

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All Traffic Liveries

Do you want the traffic around you to look more realistic and immersive? This mod will take care of that for you.

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Matterhorn Rebuild

Look, there might be bigger mountain out there than the Matterhorn, but they don’t look as good. The world’s most stunning lump of rock gets a much needed facelift thanks to this mod. Install it, fly there, and weep at the crag faced beauty.

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Istanbul Project

The Istanbul Projects looks to complete rebuild Istanbul in the game. Frankly, it deserve it, as the city looks truly stunning in real life.

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Air Force One

Do you dream of flying the President of the United States from place to place? This livery mod will add the Air Force One look to you Boeing 747-8I.

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Shell Trucks

If there is one thing almost more iconic on the majority of runways in the world it is the humble Shell Truck. Yes, planes get all the glory, but it is the Shell Truck that keeps them full and flying.

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Turn your Discord into a part of the game. This mod will feed certainly information from the game and display it in Discord.

  • Can show Transponder, Callsign, Aircraft Type
  • Shows Nearest Aerodrome
  • Will show you if your aircraft is currently grounded (on the ground)
  • Shows you the time en route (elapsed)
  • Shows altitude

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Iceland Overhaul

If there is a more beautiful country in the world than Iceland then we refuse to acknowledge it. Install this mod, then flying low in a nice prop plane and enjoy the view.

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