Best moveset for Genesect in Pokémon Go

What’s the best combination?

Image via Niantic

Genesect is one of the many legendary Pokémon you can capture in Pokémon Go. It’s a rare catch, typically only available as a five-star raid, or through other means and special promotions. Because you have limited opportunities to capture this rare pocket monster, you want to make sure it knows the best moves available to it, so it’s viable to use in other five-star raids and the Pokémon Go league.

When you capture Genesect, it’s a Bug and Steel-type Pokémon. That makes it incredibly vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. But it’s resistant to Grass, Poison, Bug, Dragon, Fairy, Ice, Normal, Psychic, and Steel-type attacks. Because of how many resistances it has, it’s a highly sought after choice to add to your roster. It can have a maximum CP of 3,353, an attack of 252, a defense of 199, and stamina of 174.

Here are all of the moves it can learn.

Fast attacks

  • Fury cutter (Bug-type)
  • Metal Claw (Steel-type)

Charge attacks

  • Hyper beam (Normal-type)
  • Magnet bomb (Steel-type)
  • X Scissor (Bug-type)

Hands down, your best option includes Genesect using magnet bomb. It’s a powerful move you can do reasonably quickly. Couple it with fury cutter for the energy output alone, and you can use it often. However, metal claw is nearly the same amount for roughly triple the damage, so you’re better off coupling those two together for the damage. The downside is they’re both Steel-type, so having a Bug-type fast attack and then a Steel-type charge attack gives you the most diversity when it comes to using Genesect. You could switch it up by having metal claw and x scissor, though. Hyper beam is okay given its massive damage, but the other two offer you up more options while fighting.

A Genesect with fury cutter and magnet bomb or metal claw and x scissor is a powerful ally to use in Pokémon Go.