Best moveset for Salamence in Pokémon Go

What’s the best moveset?

Image via Niantic

You want your Pokémon to be the best combatant, and there are several different moves they can learn in Pokémon Go. Not every attack they use is gauged the same, and some are better than others. If you optimize your Salamence, you can create a great Pokémon that you can use in the Ultra and Master League. While it’s not the best option, it can be a suitable choice.

Salamence is a Dragon and Flying-type Pokémon. It’s weak to Dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock-type moves, but its resistant to Bug, Fighting, Fire, Grass, Ground, and Water-type attacks. It has a maximum CP of 3,749, an attack of 230, a defense of 144, and stamina of 182. Because it’s low defense and stamina, it’s more of a glass-cannon attacker than anything else.

These are all of the moves Salamence can learn.

Fast moves

  • Bite (Dark-type) – 4 damage and 2 energy per turn (4 damage per turn)
  • Dragon Tail (Dragon-type) – 9 damage and 3.3 energy per turn (3 damage per turn)
  • Fire Fang (Fire-type) – 8 damage and 2.5 energy per turn (4 damage per turn)

Charge moves

  • Draco Meteor (Dragon-type) – 150 damage and 65 energy (100% chance to lower user’s attack by two ranks)
  • Fire Blast (Fire-type) – 140 damage and 80 energy
  • Hydro Pump (Water-type) – 130 damage and 75 energy
  • Outrage (Dragon-type) – 110 damage and 60 energy

The big downfall for Salamence is not only does it low defenses, but its charge attacks require so much energy. To help reach those higher energy levels, you want to use dragon tail for its fast move. You’ll be able to generate the most energy this way, and it should provide a decent amount of damage, given the choices for it.

When it comes down to picking the ideal charge moves for Salamence, of the four, outrage is the best option. It costs the least amount of energy, and it deals a good amount of damage. With outrage being the best choice, surprisngly, fire blast is good option for it to have in the Ultra and Master Leagues. Despite it costing 80 energy for you to use, Salamence can dish out the damage to make it effective. Although, having a low energy charge move would help it out a lot. You can choose to instead use hydro pump if that works better for your roster, though.

Salamence is not the best pick for PvP. It lack of defenses make it pretty quick to drop, and the high energy charge moves make it even more difficult to predict how much damage it can distribute during a battle. If you do want to use Salamence against other players, the best moveset consists of dragon tail for its fast move, and outrage and fire blast or hydro pump for it charge moves.