Best moveset for Weavile in Pokémon Go

What are the best moves?

Image via Niantic

Weavile is the evolved form of Sneasel, and in Pokémon Go, you’ll probably end up using it primarily for raids or some of the smaller PvP leagues. It’s a niche Pokémon. It can take down a few heavy hitters in the Master League, such as Mewtwo, Dragonite, or Giratina, but it’ll struggle against other notable fighters, such as Lugia and Togekiss. If you plan to use Weavile in the any of the Battle League fights, or in raids, what’s the best moveset for it to learn?

Weavile is a Dark and Ice-type Pokémon. It’s going to be weak to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Fire, Rock, and Steel-type moves, but it’s resistant to Dark, Ghost, Ice, and Psychic-type attacks. For PvP, it has a maximum CP of 3,005, an attack of 203, a defense of 146, and a stamina of 147. For PvE, it has an attack of 243, a defense of 171, and a stamina of 172. Weavile will have the most use for PvP in the Master League, as a shadow Pokémon, but you need to be selective to protect against its weaknesses and make sure you’re utilizing what it’s strong against. You do not want to start with this Pokémon.

These are all of the moves Weavile can learn.

Fast moves

  • Feint Attack (Dark-type) – 6 damage and 3 energy (3 damage per tap)
  • Ice Shard (Ice-type – 9 damage and 3.3 energy (3 damage per tap)
  • Snarl (Dark-type) – 5 damage and 4.3 energy (1.6 damage per tap)

Charged moves

  • Avalanche (Ice-type) – 90 damage and 45 energy
  • Focus Power (Fighting-type) – 140 damage and 75 energy
  • Foul Play (Dark-type) – 70 damage and 45 energy

Weavile has three choices in each category. Starting with the fast move, you want to go with the attack that provides Weavile with the most energy per tap, which will be snarl. While it does less damage than feint attack and ice shard, the energy generation makes up for it, giving Weavile a chance to use more of their charged moves.

For the charged moves, you have significantly lower chances than other Pokémon typically have. The best combination does vary on how you plan to use Weavile. For the Master League, you want to go with avalanche and focus power. While focus power requires a lot of energy, it’s still going to do quite a bit of damage to opponents, and it’ll be a good way for Weavile to fight against other Dark, Ice, Normal, Rock, and Steel-type Pokémon. Avalanche is an excellent staple move to use in most battles, and you should always have it on Weavile.

Even if Weavile doesn’t have the most diverse moveset, it can be used in the Master League. You just have to be careful and time when you want to utilize it, primarily against Dragon, Grass, Ground, Normal, and Rock-type Pokémon. Ensure Weavile knows snarl for their fast move, and then avalanche and focus power for its charged moves. Having a shadow Weavile will also be better than the standard one.