Best movesets for Obstagoon in Pokémon Go

Obstagoon is available in Pokémon Go.

Image via Niantic

Obstagoon makes its debut during the Pokémon Go Champion Throwback Challenge. All trainers have the chance to capture one by attempting to hatch it through 7-kilometer eggs. It starts as a Galarian Zigzagoon and then requires additional candies to evolve it. Those lucky enough to evolve it to its final form, Obstagoon, will want to figure out what type of moves are available to it.

The stats for Obstagoon were initially revealed by the Pokeminers, where they broke down the code thrown into the application before its official arrival. These stats and moves are subject to change, but they provide the best insight about the Dark and Normal-type Pokémon from the Galar region before we get our hands on it.

The Pokémon will have a maximum CP of 2,652, an attack of 180, a defense of 194, and a stamina of 212. Because it’s a Dark and Normal-type Pokémon, it will be weak to Bug, Fairy, and Fighting-types, however, it is resistance to Dark, Psychic, and Ghost-types. It can know counter and lick as fast attacks, cross chop, night slash, hyperbeam, and gunk shot for its charge moves.

Of the ones available, it’s a toss-up between wanting it to know cross chop and night slash. Both of these are ideal for fast charges. It’s odd it does not have a Dark-type fast move. The best choices include counter and cross chop, counter and night slash, or using one of those charge moves and replacing lick. 

Obstagoon would be a solid pick for the Ultra League given its CP, likely giving several favorite choices a run for their money, such as Giratina and Cresselia.