Best multiplayer games for Oculus Quest

Play with friends.

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In some ways, VR gaming can feel like an isolated experience. Unlike traditional games, you can’t sit on the couch with friends or loved ones and dive into a story together. You’re placed into your own chamber, asked to play through the game alone. However, several developers have been working hard to deliver captivating multiplayer content for VR platforms. With VR still being somewhat nascent in the video game space, there aren’t a ton of great options. However, we’ve collected a few of the best below that should give you a great idea of what the space has to offer.

Arizona Sunshine

Image via Vertigo Games

This zombie shooter boasts both a chunky campaign and a wave-based horde mode. Both modes also support multiplayer, so you can hop in with a friend. It’s a bit of an older game, but it’s still a great way to have a laugh shooting zombies with a pal.


Image via Resolution Games

Demeo is perhaps the best multiplayer experience VR has to offer, especially if you’re into tabletop RPGs. The game almost perfectly recreates the experience of sitting around the table with friends to delve into a new dungeon. Resolution Studios lets up to four players work together to take on each map, and the team is continuously updating the game with new content. If you haven’t given it a try yet, it’s definitely worth a look.

Echo VR

Image via Oculus

This competitive VR title is a perfect use case for the medium. Echo VR simply wouldn’t work in traditional video games, making it one of the best options for players looking to see what VR has to offer. You’re playing with a team on a zero-gravity battleground, trying to shoot a disc into a goal. And the best part is that it’s free on Oculus Quest.

PokerStars VR

Image via Lucky VR Inc.

PokerStars VR is an exceptional way to dip your toes into the multiplayer VR space. It’s refreshingly simple and easy to use. Essentially, you’re just playing poker with your friends, except in virtual reality. Plus, being able to throw your chips around without worrying about them spilling someone’s drink is a major bonus.

Real VR Fishing

Image via Miragesoft

Taking things down a notch is Real VR Fishing. Like PokerStars, this is a simple game that lets you relax with up to four friends. If you need an excuse to hang with some buddies and have a chat while doing some light gameplay, give this one a look.

Rec Room

Rec Room
Image via Rec Room Inc.

Rec Room is an intriguing one for all kinds of players because it’s so focused on user-generated content. That means you’ll need to seek out the best games, but the game’s social spaces make it easy to find people to play with. If nothing else, it’s definitely worth checking out to see if it’s up your alley.

Spaceteam VR

Image via Cooperative Innovations

Spaceteam VR (and Star Trek: Bridge Crew to a lesser degree) lets you fulfill your fantasy of running a spaceship, complete with the constant bickering of the crew. You need to work together to pass information to the correct person so that they can handle different situations while managing your own problems at the same time. It’s a hectic game that will test your patience, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more memorable co-op in VR.