Best offensive playbooks in Madden 23

Set up your offense the right way.

Image via EA

Playbooks in Madden 23 are actually a very important part of each team’s offense and defense. Plays define how a team sets up on the field, and what routes are run. Some can be mundane, but effective. Other plays, on the other hand, can be exceptionally creative and get the job done in ways never seen before. So, which offensive playbooks are the best in Madden 23? Let’s go over our picks.

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Kyle Shanahan has built a strong team in San Francisco, thanks in large part to building a team that can be very hard to beat. San Francisco has some incredible playmakers in Trey Lance, George Kittle, Brandon Aiyuk, and Deebo Samuel, just to name a few. And, Shanahan has a strong offensive playbook that makes good use of the tight ends like a George Kittle. Additionally, the 49ers’ book has a run-heavy bent to it that makes great use of versatile wide receivers, fast running backs, and quick backs.


If you’re looking for a playbook that can bring the most out of your agile MUT QB, look no further than the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens’ playbook is chock full of running plays, including option plays that are perfect for a quarterback like, for example, Lamar Jackson. That shouldn’t be a shock given that Lamar does play for the Ravens, but if you want to scramble and make things very difficult for the opposition, try the Ravens playbook.


Dennis Allen is the new head coach in New Orleans, but still expect a pass-heavy vertical attack from the Saints. The Saints boast a strong passing-heavy playbook, full of play action passes and shotgun looks that should be very tempting for those who live to throw the rock. Plus, New Orleans’ book has enough inside and outside run looks, as well as RPOs, to get the job done with the running game.


Frank Reich helped lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl in 2017 as the team’s offensive coordinator. Now the head coach of the Colts, Reich has brought his modern offense to Indianapolis, and his playbook is certainly one to consider. The Colts offense has a good variety of running plays, perfect for making use of a star running back like star Jonathan Taylor. Indy’s book also features a solid chunk of passing plays that should harken back to those great days in Philadelphia from 2017.


Kliff Kingsbury’s Arizona Cardinals has an impressive amount of weapons, from deep threat DeAndre Hopkins to the all-around talent of quarterback Kyler Murray. Kingsbury’s offense, much like Shanahan’s, makes good use of run plays. But, there are also enough passing plays in here that can make great use of talented wide receivers.