Best places to grind cash in Call of Duty: Warzone

Cash is a major component in Call of Duty: Warzone that gives you an advantage.

Call of Duty Warzone

Screengrab via Activision

The new Call of Duty: Warzone battle royale mode features 150 players against each other in an attempt to see who comes out on top. Along the way, teammates need to work together in the game to complete contracts to acquire money, which they use to improve their loadouts and assist their parters if any of them go down if they can’t make it out of the Gulag. While you need to complete contracts and challenges to earn money, what locations are great to acquire cash?

For those looking to acquire cash at the best locations, you want to stick to the larger buildings around the map. You also want to figure out the sites that have the most contracts, which are indicated by the pentagon shape on your tactical map. Sticking to contracts and large buildings are your best bets, but the laying around cash is mostly hidden in item boxes. You can find these by entering most buildings, interacting with them, and having a variety of equipment springing out from them, which include weapons, grenades, enhancements, armor, and cash.

The best locations to land for cash include:

  • Airport
  • Promenade (West and East) and Hills
  • Downtown and Port
  • Military Base
  • TV Station

You can scavenge these locations to find several contracts, loose cash, and crates full of money. These locations are bound to be hot with other teams, though, so you don’t want to go here when you first drop. You and your teammates may find it best to proceed to nearby areas, grab some decent gear, and then assault these zones to claim prizes. If you and your team are confident enough, feel free to land here to take out any nearby enemies before they can grab the loot. The sooner you act and grab what you need, the more cash you can secure.

Contracts are a significant mechanic to secure cash, too. The best location could easily change depending on where you feel you can obtain the most bounty, recon, or scavenging contracts during a match. You want to keep your eye on these while you and your team move throughout the map to make sure you grab several of them while you play.

Warzone is not all about cash, though. It’s a helpful mechanic, nonetheless. Make sure you don’t take too many risks to receive some money, or you might find yourself in the Gulag or waiting for another match much earlier than you should be.