The best Pokémon teams for the Master League in Pokémon Go – June 2021

The Master League competition has returned for the Battle League Season 8.

Image via Niantic

The Master League in Pokémon Go places the best trainers against one another as they use their strongest Pokémon to battle it out to prove who’s the best. The Master League features some of the toughest competitions that can be difficult to keep up with for many players who have not reached the highest trainer level. A majority of the players in this competition will be using the strongest legendary Pokémon, and any standard Pokémon they’re using will be boosted by XL candy. For the Master League, there are no restraints, you can use any Pokémon you want, and they can be at any CP level. These competitions will be happening from June 28 to July 12. We’ve also listed out a tier list for the best Master League Pokémon.

These are some of the best Pokémon teams we highly recommend using in the Master League.

Best Pokémon teams for the Master League

Ho-Oh, Mamoswine, and Landorus (Therian)

Ho-Oh is a pretty standard choice for a Lead Pokémon for most Master League players. It has a sturdy defense and even better attack power. For the Switch role, we’re going to recommend you go with Mamoswine, an exceptionally powerful Pokémon that won’t be able to endure too many hits before going down. To hold the line, have Landorus (Therian) for your Closer Pokémon. It’s even better than the Incarnate choice.

  • Ho-Oh: Incinerate (fast move), brave bird, and earthquake
  • Mamoswine: Powder snow (fast move), avalanche, and bulldoze
  • Landorus (Therian): Mud shot (fast move), superpower, and stone edge

Mewtwo (shadow), Snorlax (shadow), and Dialga

For the next team, we’re going to recommend you place the shadow version of Mewtwo for your Lead Pokémon. However, this team has quite a bit of flexibility. While the shadow version of Mewtwo is a better option for Lead, the shadow version of Snorlax also works, allowing you to switch these two out depending on how they work for you in the Master League. For the Closer role, Dialga is a superb choice if you have this legendary Pokémon.

  • Mewtwo (shadow): Psycho cut (fast move), psystrike, and ice beam
  • Snorlax (shadow): Lick (fast move), body slam, and superpower
  • Dialga: Dragon breath (fast move), iron head, and draco meteor

Yveltal, Gyarados, and Raikou (shadow)

This next team uses a new legendary Pokémon, Yveltal. It’s a superb Lead Pokémon option, with much more attack power than defense, but it has a good amount of health to stay alive for quite a bit. Plus, it has a quick fast move that allows it to power up its charged moves. You want to use Gyarados for the Switch role, and the shadow version of Raikou can handle the Closer role.

  • Yveltal: Snarl (fast move), dark pulse, and focus blast
  • Gyarados: Dragon breath (fast move), aqua tail, and crunch
  • Raikou (shadow): Volt switch (fast move), wild charge, and shadow ball

Gardevoir (shadow), Giratina (Origin), and Metagross

If you’re interested in using a unique Lead Pokémon, we recommend trying out the shadow version of Gardevoir. It’s a strong choice capable of acting as a glass cannon, but it can eliminate some of the weaker Lead Pokémon choices an opponent could be using with the proper fast move. For the Switch role, you want to use Giratina (Origin) to swap out with Gardevoir, and then Metagross is a reliable Closer Pokémon to hold your team together.

  • Gardevoir (shadow): Charm (fast move), shadow ball, and synchronoise
  • Giratina (Origin): Shadow claw (fast move), shadow ball, and ominous wind
  • Metagross: Bullet punch (fast move), meteor mash, and earthquake

Lugia, Zapdos, and Landorus (Incarnate)

The final team we’re going to recommend you try using features Lugia in the Lead Pokémon role. What’s really nice with Lugia is that dragon tail received a buff, making it a much more viable option for the Master League. When you need reliable Switch Pokémon, the regular form of Zapdos works extremely well, and then you can use Landorus (Incarnate) to round everything out. While the Therian form is better, Landorus (Incarnate) does have access to the earth power charged move, which is extremely appealing for any Master League Pokémon team.

  • Lugia: Dragon tail (fast move), sky attack, and aeroblast
  • Zapdos: Thunder shock (fast move), drill peck, and thunderbolt
  • Landorus (Incarnate): Mud shot (fast move), rock slide, and earth power