The best Pokémon teams in the Ultra League Remix for Pokémon Go Season 10 – December 2021

What team do you want to use in the Ultra League Remix?

Image via Niantic

The Ultra League Remix competition returns to Pokémon Go for a limited time during Season 10. You’ll have a chance to rise through the ranks using your favorite Pokémon, using your team of three to defeat your competitors. The first part of the Ultra League will be happening from December 13 to 26. But what three Pokémon should you use for the Ultra League Remix? These are some of the best Pokémon teams you can use in the Ultra League Remix competition.

The best Pokémon teams in the Ultra League Remix

Jellicent, Lucario, and Meganium

We’re going to begin this first team with Jellicent, an excellent Lead Pokémon capable of being extremely spammy with its attacks, and it’s a great bulky option. You want to use Lucario in the Switch role for backup, a fast attacker with some heavy shield pressure against some of the more glass-cannon choices. Finally, in the Closer role, we highly recommend you go with Meganium, a robust Grass-type Pokémon.

  • Jellicent: Hex (fast move), bubble beam, and shadow ball
  • Lucario: Counter (fast move), shadow ball, and power-up punch
  • Meganium: Vine whip (fast move), frenzy plant, and earthquake

Gengar, Nidoqueen (shadow), and Regirock

Gengar can be an unorthodox Lead Pokémon. It has far more attack than it does have defense, but it can put some heavy hurt on most Pokémon it’s going to fight. However, you may want to swap your Switch Pokémon, Nidoqueen, the shadow version, pretty fast. Nidoqueen is another spammy fast attack that can use its charged moves pretty often in most battles. To hold the line, we highly recommend the legendary Regirock.

  • Gengar: Shadow claw (fast move), shadow ball, and shadow punch
  • Nidoqueen (shadow): Poison jab (fast move), poison fang, and earth power
  • Regirock: Lock on (fast move), stone edge, and focus blast

Steelix, Roserade, and Blastoise

When it comes to Steelix for the Lead Pokémon, your opponent will probably struggle to try to fight it. It has a decent amount of attack, but it’s a robust defensive Pokémon that can be difficult to counter. For your Switch option, Roserade will be a good choice. It has an attack boost with poison jab and flexibility with weather ball (Fire-type) in its moveset. For the final Closer Pokémon, Blastoise is a good choice that can be difficult to fight after dealing with Steelix.

  • Steelix: Dragon tail (fast move), earthquake, and crunch
  • Roserade: Poison jab (fast move), weather ball (Fire-type), grass knot
  • Blastoise: Water gun (fast move), hydro cannon, and ice beam

Politoed, Dragalge, and Heracross

This can be a fun, exciting team if you want to experiment for a little bit. Politoed is rather powerful, and you can make it even stronger by using the shadow version, but we recommend the standard one to keep the defenses. When considering your Switch Pokémon, the Dragalge can be used, given the boost of Dragon Tail. Finally, Heracross is another brawler that can do some heavy damage, but it has decent defenses to keep it involved.

  • Politoed: Mud shot (fast move), weather ball (Water-type), and earthquake
  • Dragalge: Dragon tail (fast move), aqua tail, and outrage
  • Heracross: Counter (fast move), close combat, and megahorn

Skarmory, Gallade, and Regice

To cap us off on this list, we want to put Skarmory into the lead role. Skarmory is always a straightforward option and has continued to hit the top of the charts, and we’re always going to recommend it somewhere in the Great or Ultra League. To support it in the Switch role, Gallade is a quick fighter who can fight multiple Pokémon, making it a flexible option. In the final Closer role, Regice, one of the best Closers in the Ultra League, is right next to Regirock.

  • Skarmory: Air slash (fast move), brave bird, and sky attack
  • Gallade: Confusion (fast move), close combat, and leaf blade
  • Regice: Lock on (fast move), blizzard, and earthquake