WoW: Classic – The Best Professions for Each Class


Picking out the correct class in WoW: Classic can lead to some interesting choices. But once you’re out in the world, leveling up and starting to get the hang of things, you need to figure what you want to do beyond your class. Finding the right class is essential, but knowing what profession you want to have on your character is equally important. Professions are what allow players to create armor, weapons, consumables, and several other items they and other players can use in the game. Here are some of the better choices for professions, based on your WoW: Classic class.

The Best Professions for Each Class in WoW: Classic


If you’re going damage or tank based, you’re going to want to pick up engineering. Several of the items you’re going to have the opportunity to craft are viable in PvP and PvE situations. A handful of the gadgets are going to increase the amount of damage you and your party do, do straight damage to your enemies, or they’re going to stun your foes. They all provide you with enough opportunity to mess up an enemy team or a robust, single target. Regardless of the route, you take your warrior, engineering, the Gnomish option, is going to make your foes think twice about fighting you.

For those who would prefer to make armor and weapons to use, the mining and blacksmithing professions are always an ideal option.


Paladins operate on the same spectrum as Warriors in regards to engineering, mining, and blacksmithing. All three profession routes are great options for them. They’re likely going to be the group’s main tank or apart of the action, at the front lines. You want to be the center of the fight as much as possible, and engineering makes it a viable option for anyone looking to stand above a casual player.

For those who want to learn more towards healing, Herbalism and alchemy are ideal choices. You can pick up herbs to turn them into useful consumables you and your entire party can use to keep going in a fight.

Druids and Shamans

Again, acting as a tank? You’re going to want the engineering profession. The skills provided by this tree are essential for anyone looking to turn the tide of combat for their side. Opponents are likely to choose this option, given the need for it in the middle of a fight. Not only can you use engineering to stun, do damage, or cause trouble, but you can use it to reflect spells with the different kind of reflectors available.

Much like the Paladin who wants to heal, though, you’re going to want to choose herbalism and alchemy when you want to focus on keeping your team alive. These consumables are essential for groups interested in taking on the stronger raids in WoW: Classic or are interested in competitively PvPing. Unlike other classes, the Druid can pick up herbs while still in the travel form, making it a bit easier of a task while wandering around. However, the Shaman benefits from these options as well, making the two quite similar in choices.


Hunters are excellent fighters when it comes to taking down some of the extraordinary beasts in the game. Because of this, they’re going to be great at grabbing the skinning and leatherworking professions. Skinning makes sense for the hunter as they’re likely going to want to go out of their way to find new beasts to capture, and the leatherworking lets them make the armor they’re going to wear. Additionally, they can turn several of the early game, powerful beasts into great armor sets they can wear or sell to others.


Rogues get a unique profession at level 20 in the game, called Poisons. This option is going to heavily lean on for them to focus on because it’s going to make several of their attacks far more powerful, and the effects of those attacks lasting, and painful. You can apply these poisons to your weapons for your enemies to know you’re nearby but are unable to do anything. As for alternative professions, engineering is always an excellent option, or you can go one of the gathering professions such as herbalism, mining, or skinning to give to your friends or sell on the market.

Mages and Warlocks

These two are some of the best classes to couple with the Tailoring ability. Not only do they rely on it for their clothing and armor to wear in combat, but they’re also going to have specific items for the tree. Plus, they can farm and acquire cloth exceptionally quickly. They can kill multiple enemies at once at quick rates, making them ideal to gather up the clothing materials they need far faster than other classes can do it. Enchanting is also a perfect option, given how it works well with tailors.


The final class to discuss is Priest. A priest has a wide variety of choices for them, given their versatility. An ideal combination is pairing tailoring with enchanting. Going down this option means Priests do not need to rely on other players to modify or enhance their gear while they go out adventuring. Instead, they can pick up the smaller, unwanted items for themselves and make as many different kinds of clothing as they need. Plus, they can go out and sell it to the marketplace whenever they need it.

The other option is to go with the Alchemy and Herbalism route. Those are going to do more healing than deal out damage are going to find it a great choice to keep their party members alive.