The 11 Best PSVR Games, And Why You Should Play Them


While the PlayStation VR Headset didn’t precisely revolutionize gaming, Sony’s premiere VR headset has managed to produce plenty of stellar titles. Not only that but the headset has carved itself a niche as being the most affordable and convenient VR headset on the market. With prices of the headset dropping as low as $170 at some retailers, now is a perfect time to jump into the virtual reality side of gaming.

The Best PSVR Games

Here are some of the best PSVR games on the market!

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is one of the biggest AAA releases for the platform. Not only is the radically different shift in tone and gameplay a breath of fresh air for gamers, but the inclusion of VR makes it one of the terrifying virtual reality experiences on the market. Pair the headset with surround sound headphones, and you’ll have a heart attack in no time! What makes this truly an impressive VR experience is that the core gameplay isn’t sacrificed for the sake of having VR. So if you’re brave enough, add Resident Evil 7 to your VR collection immediately!

Superhot VR

Time moves when you do! In this extremely metagame you’re tasked with dealing with your enemies in creative ways. From traditional weapons such as dual submachine guns to unconventional weapons such as bottles, you’ll do anything and everything around you. Similar to the overly parodied scene from the Matrix where Neo dodges bullets in slow-motion, you’ll recreate this scene every five seconds. This must-own PSVR game will have all of your friends and family ducking and diving as they live out their action movie fantasies.

Beat Saber

Beat Saber is one of the most immersive music games ever created. By allowing the player to feel like a Jedi at a nightclub, the game manages to be simplistic enough for anyone to play while challenging enough to add hours of content. Just wave your lightsaber in the direction of the incoming blocks, and you’ll be jamming in no time. The high octane soundtrack is also guaranteed to get the hearts of players pumping. Beat Saber is a PSVR game that you don’t want to skip.


In the mood for something adorable? Why not try the PSVR exclusive game; Moss! Help the cute mouse; Quill, go on an adventure to defeat evil. Interesting enough, Moss uses both the third and first-person perspectives to deliver unique gameplay only possibly in VR. The game features a delicate balance of combat and puzzle solving that makes the experience truly unique. You can even get up close and personal with our adorable protagonist and be memorized by her colorful details. Moss is a must own for fans of action platforms/puzzle games!

Job Simulator

This legendary game series needs no introduction! Gamers in the mood for wacky shenanigans look no further! The game manages to turn life’s mundane task turned into battles of attrition as you attempt to wrestle with the controls. The “Simulator” series is challenging enough using standard controls, but when VR is thrown into the mix, things take an even more hilarious turn for the worse. Like most games on this list, Job Simulator is another must-own title that demonstrates to your friends and family the possibilities of you PlayStation VR headset.

Skyrim VR

For those of you that wanna sink even more countless hours into Skyrim, the PSVR version has you covered. Yes, the entire Skyrim experience has been translated into great virtual reality, and you’ll be able to get up close and personal with some dragons. While there may not be much new content on offer, you’ll get to sink even more hours into one the best games of the previous generation. But this time you’ll truly experience the beauty and mayhem of the world firsthand.

Firewall Zero Hour

Are you a fan of tactical shooters like Counter-Strike and Rainbow Six? Have you ever wondered what these intense first-person shooters would be like in first-person? If you answered yes, then Firewall has you covered! The premise works just as you would imagine as teams of four versus four face off in objective based modes. While it may sound like the game doesn’t innovate from a game design perspective, the simple act of shooting and moving within a VR space enhances the experience. When you consider that you have to move your head and body to avoid oncoming bullets from enemy players, it makes the gameplay evermore satisfying when your team coordinates successful attacks. This is a must buy for fans of hardcore shoots and anyone seeking an immersive tactical experience.

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

After the critical and commercial success of the original; Until Dawn, no one expected this spinoff. Rush of Blood is literally and figuratively the perfect Halloween rollercoaster ride. Set in the Until Dawn universe, Rush of Blood is an on-rails horror shooter that pays homage to the days of lightgun shooters. However, unlike previous lightgun games such as House Of The Dead, the horrors of the night are terrifyingly right in your face. While this spinoff was the last thing we expected from the next Until Dawn game, the result is still hugely entertaining and worth your time!

Rez Infinite

Rez Infinite is another classic game given the VR treatment. For those that already fell in love with the musical shooter, PSVR allows you to experience this gem from another perspective. The hypnotic rhythm of the songs combined with the stylish visuals has to be experienced by every PSVR owner! As expected, this version of the game gives the player even more tools to use thanks to the perspective granted by the PSVR. Also if you’ve already played this revolutionary game before, the PSVR is a must for any music genre fan.

Wipeout Omega Collection VR

Ready for some highspeed futuristic racing? Try out the Wipeout Omega Collection which features three classic games all in one! The graphics have been updated for PS4 and demands your attention at a price of only $20. But where this collection shines is at its implementation of VR. If you felt that the sense of speed was already overwhelming in the original games, then you haven’t seen anything yet! Racing around these classic tracks at sonic speeds is a sensation that all PSVR owners should experience. And for the relatively low price of the collection, this is a must buy!

The Persistence

Ever wanted to play a first-person rouge-like sci-fi game? Oh, and the game is also set in VR. If you never knew that you wanted this type of game before now, well The Persistence has you covered. This genre-blending game is perhaps one of the most in-depth gameplay experiences you can have in VR. It accomplishes much despite the potential for failure due to how many mechanics are at play along with VR. The sci-fi horror aesthetic also adds even more tension to a game where one false move could spell the end of your current character. But like most decent rouge-likes, the game has permanent upgrades available for those skillful enough to unlock them. This is must buy for any hardcore gamer out there!